1 Jan 2018

"Everybody knows where you go when the sun goes down.
I think you only live to see the lights uptown.
I wasted my time when I would try, try, try.
'Cause when the lights have lost their glow, you'll cry, cry, cry".

I like to think of myself as tolerant or at the very least sympathetic towards the plight of others.  I'm probably not as awesome as I think I am and I know I can improve but still.  A customer who comes into my shop where I work sometimes up to five times a day.  He tells me that his neighbour who is mentally challenged has been put into hospital.  His main concern was that "at least it'll be quiet for him".  This irked me somewhat and I preceded to tell him about compassion and empathy towards others.  His main argument was "well you try getting it the ear everyday for 2 years".  So I proceeded to tell him of the 16 years of knocking on my bedroom door in the middle of the night telling me to turn my music off when there was none. etc. etc.  I then told him that my first thought when she died wasn't "Oh good she's dead at least it'll be peaceful for me now."  It was "such a shame she didn't get a better life towards the end."  I did tell him he should learn to give a fuck about someone else. Still I suppose he didn't get it.

That's the thing though I know that there is no centre of the universe... and if there were it certainly wouldn't revolve around me. This is why I suppose no one else thinks so either?
Yet again I'm rejected by someone I showed affection to.  I wish them a happy new year and her response was to immediately remove me from Facebook.  Wow what a start to the year.
It's hard to remain on the good side in life when people keep pissing on my cornflakes, figuratively speaking.

So I guess that's it? I'm predestined to remain single in life then?  Maybe I should break the habit of a lifetime & stop being nice to people and thinking of others?  After my one present at Christmas from my many friends and family I'm going full on Blackadder's Christmas Carol next year. 

I just doesn't pay to be nice.



Andy Levy-Stevenson said...

Wish I could do something more practical, but best I can do is let you know that it's nice to hear from you again. It's been a while.

Sorry you had a rough time over the holidays ... I hope the new year brings some nicer people, and some happier times.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Nice to see you back on-line after a bit of a gap.

I don't really do the 'reaching out' kind of thing, mostly because I don't think I'm very good at it but I've been reading your blog for many a year - back to when we used to *ahem* share MP3 downloads and you've always come across to me as a decent bloke. A bit sensitive, and therefore more prone to to the 1001 shocks that flesh is heir to, but sound. Don't give up on your humanity, even if the rest of the world seems to, because it makes you on of the good guys.

Dig out your favourite album, play it loud (on headphones, natch), take a walk along the beach and then have a pint. You've got friends.

Oh, and post more often. I think it does you good.

Bonnie Scotland.