17 Feb 2016

"So remember, when you're feeling very small and insecure

How amazingly unlikely is your birth

And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space

'Cause there's bugger all down here on Earth.

I've just watched a program on the BBC about multiverse theory.  Equally mind boggling and fascinating.  For every decision we make there is possibly an alternate us that makes the opposite decision, or no us in the first place to make that decision.  So for example in one universe there is a version of me who didn't buy a second hand Mac that makes my room smell of pot everytime I turn it on.  Not to mention where he isn't constantly dissapointed that programs that are free on Windows suddenly need to be paid for.  

But I digress, somewhere we have universes that have the Nazis beating the rest of the world in WW2, one where Russell Brand is Prime Minister alongside Donald Trump as President.  One where the asteroid missed the Earth and the dinosaurs lived and we failed to evolve and possibly one where Jam is sentient etc.

So what does this mean exactly if true?  Will we be able to travel to other universes? More than likely not and if we could would we want to?  I mean imagine for a moment that you, like me at this very moment, have had a sodding cold for the last week and the cold virus hadn't reached the universe you first went to.  You would more than likely be responsible for a global pandemic.  Or you might end up in the afformentioned Trump universe and be anything other than a red blooded 'Murican.  Eeep.

It's good for science fiction and may never be proven but for some reason I've always read about it in comics, books, TV and film for most of my life and a small part of me would love it to be true. After all it took them 100 years to discover gravitational waves, who knows what'll be discovered in another 100 years?  Maybe dark matter? Maybe we're in the wrong universe and this is the one we all get wiped out by a meteor in the near future?

Who can tell?  Certainly not some dumbass on the interwebs.  There are always two paths at every decision in life like forks a in a road, you go left and get hit by a car or you go right and meet the person of your dreams.  Each fork can lead to alternate descisions which in turn lead to other decisions ad infinitum.  Maybe there's an alternataive me who is actually sleeping with Katy Perry, Cameron Diaz or Jennifer Connelly?  Or someone else just as out of reach for me.  Maybe I'm a hobo or the man who discovered the cure to cancer or Darth Vader?

My thoughts though are these though. If there's a alternate me who's rich, handsome and successful, then good luck to him. The Git.



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