10 Jan 2016

Lovely Lily

"I never will forget those nights.
I wonder if it was a dream.
Remember how you made me crazy,
Remember how I made you scream.
I don't understand what happened to our love.
But, baby, I'm gonna get you back,
I'm gonna show you what I'm made of.

Well, oh your god hasn't it been a long time between posts? I really thought that I had posted before now but hey, the evidence is clearly that I haven't.
Where have I been?  What have I been doing?  I clearly hear nobody ask. Life has been a bit shit and a bit wonderful in various places.  

Shortly after my last post I was hospitalised with abdomen pains on an immense level after being diagnosed wrongly by a G.P. The pain was such that two doses of Morphine substitute and a liquid paracetamol didn't even dent it.  Turns out my Gall Bladder was swollen to something like a tennis ball with two things resembling Ferroro Rochers about the same size too, in it and was possibly hours away from bursting according to the surgeon.  I haven't been able to look at Ferrero Rocher since.  

After that I began to feel better unsurprisingly.  Then I gained employment locally and have been on the up and up ever since.  I have shed dead weight in my life i.e. friends and family that didn't help when I needed it.  Occasionally the black dog will rear it's ugly head but doesn't stay as long as he used to. 

Why the Picture of Lilly Allen?  Many people still refuse to ask.
Well the funny thing was from out of nowhere I've begun to remember my dreams again.  The one the other night was about cloning being a real thing and I 'somehow' ended up sleeping with two clones of the almighty Lilly.  Now, I know this will not happen but as soon as cloning is a thing who is coming with me to steal the technology?  Also we will pass the Durex and Red Bull factories.


John said...

Glad you're back and well.

Lee said...

I used to visit a lot, but I rarely seem to make time to check old favourite blogs anymore :(
Just decided to clean up my old music blog, getting rid of all those old dead links and noticed this post :)
As well as a similar taste in music it seems we have another thing in common, we've both been hospitalised due to dodgy Gall Bladders.
Mine was 4 years back, it started as stomach pain but got worse rapidly, before the booked appointment to have it removed it decided to kick a couple of stones upwards into my liver and try to kill me. Sudden pain, profuse sweating, inability to even talk, absolute agony. Ambulance trip to hospital and nearly 2 weeks of treatment. So I feel for you :)

Mike said...

Sounds a lot like my experience with gall bladders. Damn fragile human body. I've never known pain like it on a scale of one to ten I'd put it as at least a twelve.