18 Dec 2014

"Did you ever see the faces of children
They get so excited.
Waking up on christmas morning
Hours before the winter sun's ignited.
They believe in dreams and all they mean
Including heavens generosity.
Peeping round the door
to see what parcels are for free
In curiosity."
Well here we are another year nearly over and another year closer to the  bright and shiny future we all dream of. The trouble is the future never seems very futuristic when we get there.  I've been reading recently that all those Star Treks I've been watching lately to while away the long hours of unemployed boredom will never happen.  It would be more likely that in the near future at least we will make it only as far as Mars as far as travelling or living is concerned.  Personally I'm a bit disappointed, I'd always dreamt of being in an Enterprise type spacecraft and buggering off to Orion to pick up a green skinned exotic dancer... or two.  But no, so I hereby volunteer my services to NASA to travel to Mars for them.  I'm cheap, hard working, usually, and above all I'm expendable.

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