7 May 2013

More dreaming on my behalf.

"It does one's heart good
I'm in a happy mood
There's something that I can't deny
I like to have you by my side
It might well be that we will see more of each other
We will see more of each other NOW" 

I'm in a fantastic mood just lately, no I don't have either Cameron Diaz or an Aston Martin in my life, but hey I'm on a week's holiday from work the sun is out and it's just gone pay day.  What's not to be happy about?  Later in the month I'm off to the smoke to see my favourite people and treat them in all of my favourite places in London or as many as I can fit into the one day.
Of course Hamley's will have to be frequented again despite the fact that the place gives me a headache and I nearly punched a store assistant there the last time for snatching something from my Nephew's hands.  The guy shouldn't have left it sitting on the shelf if it wasn't to be played with and I told him so mixed with some choice Anglo Saxon words which my Nephew didn't hear but probably knows anyway as he attends my old school.  I have to go to Camden Town, my Mecca thanks to Madness, and hopefully the kids will love all the stuff on the markets although the place isn't as good as it used to be.

I really need to get on with my creative stuff I've been meaning to do.  Instead I find myself sat on my sofa eating biscuits and playing several PS3 and Xbox games.  Been on a bit of a 007 James Bond kick at the moment.  I decided that watching all the movies in order from start to finish was a good idea.  All that has done is make me decide that I don't like the Roger Moore stuff  after  Live & Let Die, too slapstick.  Still I persevered and made it through to Bond #14 A View to a Kill, the last Bond I saw at the cinema. Thankfully I'm onto the Timothy Dalton films now then I get to reappraise Goldeneye. Speaking of which that's a game I've been addicted to along with Bloodstone and Quantum of Solace.  All three have entertained me and I was looking forwards to playing 007 Legends until I actually did.  For some reason and I can't be the only one to notice this when you pick up a new weapon you go all Zoolander and have the unfortunate affliction of not being able to turn left albeit for a few seconds.  In the meantime Goldfinger's minions take it upon themselves to give you high velocity lead poisoning.
Instead of all this I really should be working on my second or third story wot I ritted, depending on which story I am in the mood to write further.  I also have a great idea for a console game knocking around my head and have spent a small fortune on ebay getting period research material.  A couple of guys at work whom I get on with greatly and are doing a computer games course at Uni are going to collaborate on the project.  We can only try.  We think it's a quite interesting story and would hold a place in gaming that is overlooked.  As usual though it does have a large part of my humour and cynicism so if it ever does get published then expect it to be dark with a capital 'dar'.
I may even forget the game and make it a novel if I like it once I fill out the story a bit.  We shall see what we shall see, it may just transpire that I finish the self inflicted Bond season and eat more biscuits.  I need motivation I need a muse.... Cameron Diaz where are you when I need you?