10 Apr 2013


"I've never been closer
I've tried to understand
That certain feeling
Carved by another's hand"

Well it is fast approaching that time of year again, the part of the year where I fill up my Tivo box with coverage of Le mans.  I have always had a fascination with this race although I've struggled with a lack of source material back in the day I now can satiate my need for speed with the main reason I went for a Virgin media account.  
Mind you it's not just Le Mans, BTCC, WTCC, WRC, Formula 1, Rally Cross even banger racing if they'd show it. would all get my attention.  I buy car mags and up until other games came out where I could shoot things in the face, I was obsessed with Forza4 as older posts will testify.  When my Saturday mornings consisted of Tiswas followed by World of Sport I used to find myself waiting to see if they had either truck racing, swamp buggy racing, drag racing or tractor pulling.  Quite often I would leave the house after I found out it was all cricket and/or horse racing and play around Simon's house.
I watch Top gear almost religiously, closest thing to a religion that I will subscribe to. I will watch hours of YouTube footage of highly expensive and highly tuned cars make loud noises.  This will give me what James May has described as a 'tingle' behind the gentleman's area. I love the noise of motors, although not that power tool my neighbour is using at this precise moment which is boring it's way through both the concrete and my headache, I even stoop so low as to sometimes occasionally watch Motorbike racing, mainly to see dumbasses* in leather skid across tarmac on their arses or head.  Although, strangely, the TT races have never captured my imagination or interest.
With all this in mind I still wonder at why I have never learnt  to drive?  It's not as though I could afford it, although I doubt I would own a car.  I think it is the fact that I would have to constantly give mo9ney away to the Government and Oil companies not to mention having to fork out for road tax, parking etc.  Driving friends have tried to talk me into it the way those annoying born again Christians try to talk you into opening your heart to Jeebus.
I suppose once again I'll not actually go to Le Mans or my other favourite race in the world, Monaco GP, mainly because again I begrudge paying for a passport...and tickets...and hotels and I am too damn lazy to learn French.  I could go to Thruxton or Donnington or Silverstone or Brands Hatch but these places are out of the way if you are a non driver.  The same goes for the Beaulieu motor museum or the one I really want to go to is the Aston Martin Museum.  
So the plan is either learn to drive or win the lottery and hire a chauffeur.  Hmmm lottery ticket is only two pounds. 
I think I need to reacquaint  myself with Forza 4.

*= I call them dumbasses due to the fact I subscribe to the semi Orwellian maxim "Four wheels good, two wheels bad."