21 Oct 2012

I get up in the evening
and I ain't got nothing to say
I come home in the morning
I go to bed feeling the same way
I ain't nothing but tired
Man I'm just tired and bored with myself
Hey there baby, I could use just a little help

I have a confession dear reader, I have become a born again latter day geek. I have a renewed interest in science and technology, coupled with a desire to just do hours and hours of astronomy.  To this end I bought myself a telescope from a colleague and have so far not been able to use it as much as I'd like due to the great British summer being what it is.  So far I've managed to see a great deal of cloud only close up and a street light outside my window.  No great shakes in the scientific world so far.
It is however my ambition to have a photo that I've taken used on BBC's The Sky at Night a programme that I have watched for a very long time indeed.
I have had a little bit of success I must confess, on a very dark night and with exceptionally clear skies I have seen many a brightly shining dot. I don't know all the constellations yet but nevertheless I have started to make up my own.  Soon I will bring you the photo I took of the stars David, Brian A and Cyrill Epsilon in the constellation of Hilda..
A friend of mine recently has been wallowing in nostalgia with the help of the radio and copious amounts of cheap dvds bought from ebay and charity shops.  I have said that I would one day find him face down with the radio on having died from a nostalgia overdose.  His reply is that "the older you get you have more of the past and less to look forward to."  This is too pessimistic, even for me.  I am always looking to the future, I always want to know what the next gadget is or what is going to come out in the movie googleplexe.  I am happy to say that I would like to know what my teenage nephew and slightly younger niece will grow up to be...and to that end what will I?
Although I have  recently uploaded forty odd photos to Facebook for the nostalgic enjoyment of others I only glance at the past in order to make sense of it.  I may not have even posted these were it not for the recent early demise of the bass player from Bigshot a band of which I was a fan/friend/roadie/t shirt and poster designer.
John Peel once said that he would hate to die as he may miss the next album by The Fall & I must confess that that is my main concern.  Not that I may miss the next Fall album as I was never a huge fan but I would like to live long enough to see a man mission to Mars and the rumoured replacement for the ISS which will be at the lagrange point beyond the moon.
The future is bright, for the moment, although what will happen is a mystery and whether I can afford it will be another.  So far my imaginary lottery winnings have brought me backwards from building a large telescope in the Atacama desert, to New Mexico, then to a farm in rural England (with no animals but dark skies) and finally they've been scaled back to buying a new telescope.
But again I digress, the point is that the past has been lived there is no point in returning as you cannot redo anything, you can make amends if you wish to that is for sure.  I however do not, I lived it once whether rightly or wrongly I do not know.  Whether the present is been done correctly I don't know either but I'm always hopeful of the future.  So I'll see you then then.