13 Mar 2012

"Talking bout Monroe and walking on Snow White
New York's a go-go and everything tastes nice
Poor little Greenie, woh ho
Get back home"

The older I get the less I understand in life.  Here are a list of just a few of them.
The attraction of Cher Lloyd.
People who wearscarves and hats with a t shirt in the cold but no coat.
People who wear perfectly good trousers and then have them hanging below their bumcakes.
People who feel the need to dress like Superman to go on a pub crawl.
Jewellery, no idea as to why that's popular.
Justin Beiber,
Nicholas Cage.
TOWIE. (I am certain that if I hold my ear to Amy Child's head I will hear the sea).
How people STILL don't know metric measurments.
Why people ask me for 'Start' cables and 'Preview' boxes.
Lloyds security who rang me up to say we've noticed that you spent a lot of money all at once and then nothing when you were overdrawn and it happened four weeks ago as well.
But most of all I am completely stumped as to why shoplifters seem to think they are invisible and why the drunks come into my shop and still think they won't be noticeably drunk to someone who is stone cold sober.   
The cold hard  some say, cruel fact is that the older I get the less I understand.  I fully expect to be found one day dressed in only my dressing gown shouting at ducks in the park.  But until then I shall drive my collection of vintage cars around the racetracks of the world hell for leather.  Sadly only on Forza 4.

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Nick67 said...

And if you're as unlucky as me, those drunks will want to talk at you as if you're their friend!!