24 Jan 2012

"Who am I to say?
Who am I to say?
Am I just a hypocrite?
Another piece of your bullshit
Am I the dog the bit, the hand of the man that feeds it?"

Well it has been quite a while since I last posted and I'm sorry for that.  But in my defence it has been quite a busy year end what with all the games I keep playing. MW3, BF3, Batman Arkham City, Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam, Battlefield 1943 and Medal of Honour.  BFBC2:Vietnam is the one that's really been keeping me occupied though.  I must admit that nicking someone's dog tags from them can be quite entertaining... especially as has happened to me  on several occasions I manage to sneak up on a General of the army with a level of 50 and me currently on a rank of 21 (First sergeant gold).  I am quite the new convert to online gaming and as such I've become quite the zealot.  It has been noted that I am a born again gamer.  
Still it could be worse, I mean what is more rewarding to me?  A quiet realisation that I've spent 3 hours shooting complete strangers in the face or that I've vegetated in front of an hour of Britain's got celebrities on ice get me the x factor out of here?  Mind you the first time I played online with BF3 I jumped in a helicopter determined to be of some use to my fellow gamers on that level when I rose majestically three feet in the air and flipped over onto my rotors landed and died, I have checked for 'Ultimate Helicopter fail' on You Tube but have so far not seen myself.  I am now better than that and can sometimes go for a whole five minutes without a major meeting of helicopter and ground.
By the way if any of you have been holding off on buying either  BF3 or MW3 then let me just urge you to do so.  MW3 is just shit hot on every level I haven't found anything to not like yet whether it is the single player, multiplayer or co-op levels, BF3 though is weak on the single player, it leans too heavily towards CoD:Black Ops for my tastes but is just excellent on the multiplayer.  I need more time to play these games, maybe if I win the lottery?  I'd only miss the cunt-stomers in my shop. (I love it when they misquote retail law at me it's fun).
So far I've only played BFBC2 Vietnam online for just over two days so not even come close to the length of time that I was in the wild west with Red Dead Redemption.  Mind you most of that time was due to the incessant galloping across the plains on a bloody horse that I'd inadvertently shoot in the back of the head from time to time... or I'd get eaten to death by a magical bear that would appear from out behind a tree. 
You must admit though the gaming world is a much more pleasant one than the one we all struggle about in whilst miserable as sin.  I've often said that the world would be a better place if there weren't other people in it.  But I'll end this blog by stating for the record (just in case), that if I decide to have a bit of a gun related tiff in the high street that it has absolutely nothing to do with my incessant gaming just that I've had one too many arsehole cunt-stomers to deal with.