16 Jul 2011

"I am not a sailor
I am not a sailor I'm captain
I'm captain I'm captain

Bamba, bamba
Bamba, bamba
Bamba, bamba

There are many things in my life that I am disappointed with, my lack of a sex life, my lack of financial gains via the lottery also that a great deal of my customers continue to breath.  How people let you down either personally or just in their actions.  The one thing that I'm never disappointed in is myself, this mainly because I never expect much of me and I've yet to be proven wrong.  The main thing I'm totally frustrated with is the fact that I now have to work until I'm 70 thanks to successive failing governments.  It's the equivalent of running a hundred miles and they then move the finishing line another thirty kilometres.  Of course the latest thing to disappoint me in a long line of disappointments wasn't the fact that Murdoch was figuratively throwing small crippled children behind him to the tigers that were chasing him during the whole News International phone hacking scandal but the fact that two large people who weren't exactly starving and penniless won the Euro lotto £166 million.
Imagine the deep fried Mars bars those two Scots could buy.  I could have done so much good with all that money... and some of it may have been directed towards others.  My long desired trip across the states in a vehicle of some description would have been high on my list of priorities.  Although the older and lazier I get it has changed somewhat.  Once upon a time I would have done it in a classic fifties muscle car like a GTO or a large caddy.  Whereas nowadays I want to do it in a large motorhome that has a PS3 and/or Xbox 360 in it not to mention all the comforts of home like a shower and a bed etc.  The older I get the more I think "well I keep all that stuff at home why not just stay there?"  This of course would have been totally abhorrent to my younger self and he to me also.
The only non disappointment was the tank festival at Bovington, sad man that I am I stood in a field for several hours looking at tanks go round a circuit.  Very nice tanks but a load of tanks nonetheless.  I had one of the sandwiches pictured above.  It may not look that appetising to you and admittedly it wasn't presented very well in the photo.  But organically reared and butchered hog roast.  Spit roasted in front of you and freshly cooked.  It was lovely with the still hot meat and stuffing with apple sauce on top.  I can honestly say that I looked forward to that as much as the Tank festival itself.
Speaking of disappointments my zombie novel is almost ready to send of to some publishers, just a few more tweaks and I'll be happy.  Whether it'll ever get published I don't know I just hope that it's better than the worst novel I ever read or shared with several people who all told me exactly the same thing about the book.  I also started the story set in the Britpop era but I got stuck so I carried on with the war time story and then also got stuck and haven't written for weeks.  I also wrote a script for an ex friend who let me don't recently which I thought was quite good and so did he.  I've been mulling ideas for the stories in my head and may have to get back to them soon as I want to go Hulk on many of the local residents in town.
Still I have to go back in time soon and visit Norfolk that'll cheer me up to see my favourite Niece and Nephew and my sister who'll probably continue to tell me off for buying her a nice tv. I think it's because it'll scare the locals what with it's electricity and tiny talking people.