19 May 2011

"Some people think I'm bonkers
But I just think I'm free
Man I'm just living my life
There nothing crazy about me
Some people pay for thrills but I get mine for free
Man I'm just living my life
There nothing crazy about me."
 Occasionally we get an interesting customer, not often but just every now and then.  One such person came into my store and  purchased four jump starters at £30.00 quid each I thought perhaps he had a taxi firm or something, no nothing so mundane.  As I helped him carry the big old boxes across to his car in the multi storey (no bloody tip), he told me that he was fighting pirates in the Red sea and they had these things called LRADs (see diagram) Long Range Acoustic Device in non military speak.  He seemed disappointed that I knew what they were, maybe he was trying to catch me out?  They do that you know, tricky little fuckers these customers.  Anyway whilst I was thinking for the rest of the day that other people have much more interesting lives and are allowed to harm others with lethal and non lethal weapons and I'm not, which I think is unfair, I was wondering if I could make one for all those scumbag shoplifters?
The thought cheered me up no end as I imagined myself plugging it in and taking over the world with my death ray until they unplugged it and carted me off to Arkham Asylum.  I'd test it out on two of my former friends whom I'm very disappointed in.  I won't say what they did but they know and It's cost them some of the best friends they would have had.  Still their loss.
Just found these links
I have a week off coupled with the fact that it starts on a pay day I could build the thing.... or more likely I'll just go to that there London and spend my wages in Forbidden planet.

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Anonymous said...

You still alive Mikey ?????

Walt Jabsco