21 Feb 2011

"Wash with new soap, Behind the collar
Keeps a clean mental state
Don't usually bother in cold weather
But still I'm getting into work late."

It's getting all a bit much lately, work is less and less fun.   Just when you think that you'll buckle down and try to get on with the noobs and and even greater effort towards the dumbass customers the new area manager keeps piling on the pressure to make us get the customer to buy more and more, usually an unrelated item.  This is not what retail is all about as far as I'm concerned.  I know it's a bout making money but the pressuring of people to buy stuff in this day and age will drive people away.  We now have to ask them a huge four things at the till and it's all crap. Add on product, data capture, catalogue, additional sales and you can see the customer getting bored and annoyed as you speak to them. I mean you do this for a hundred transactions a day, I have to keep Lockets in my pocket to sooth my throat.  Now the manager doofus is coming to have a little chat with those of us who are under the required 30% (I'm 28.7% pffft as if a few more pounds will make a difference), it's all to make it look a better prospect to any buyers.  
I just need a holiday I think.  I have one coming up in about three weeks but probably won't go anywhere other than maybe a trip to that there London or just Southampton.  Mind you I always plan to go but never do.  I just end up spending my money in a certain comic shop in Poole and drinking lots of tea.  I think I may have upset my manager today when I told her that due to all this crap at work I'm planning even harder to leave and may just go on this film course that my mate who left at christmas went on.  I went for a breakfast the other day and to see Paul at the cinema (go see it it's hilarious btw) I was talking to him about his course and it isn't just about film making there's the writing and directing side too.  The trouble is I haven't saved fuck all.  I need a couple of grand to tide me over until I can get work again and I certainly will not go back to Maplin once I leave, not even as a customer.
I wouldn't mind my lifelong dream (so far) of driving across the states or in my case probably going by greyhound, again I need money.  I'd like a winnebago like in the movie Paul with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.  This was a movie where for the first time it was more than polite laughter in the background or a gentle murmur of knowing self indulgent smugness as you get the joke and you wonder if those around you do also.  For the first time people actually openly laughed and clapped at a joke in the movie.  It was a movie akin to a Tex Avery cartoon ie joke after joke after joke, pause for breath, joke joke joke and the end credits.  It really was worth draggin my mate Chris to (he didn't want to go due to fact that he's skint and I said I'd pay, after all what are mates for?) Although it does mean that I can't get my haircut for another week or so which is really annoying it's touching my forehead, ears and neck which is very long for me, I'm almost a hippy except I don't smell.  :)  At least I hope not.
Anyway we'll see if I'm a man of leisure after tomorrow when the area mong-ager makes me hulk out and I throw him through a window.  I'll have more time to write my books (20,000 words into the second one btw)  I hope I keep my job because I like money, not very much in this one but there you go..
See you on the other side (presuming someone is still reading this that is).

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Anonymous said...

Still reading Mike

Keep safe buddy

Walt Jabsco