16 Dec 2010

"Wir fahr'n fahr'n fahr'n auf der Autobahn
Vor uns liegt ein weites Tal
Die Sonne scheint mit Glitzerstrahl"
So my dull job just got a little duller lately, the reason being two of my favourite people decided to leave for pastures new.  I can't blame them really I'd leave if I had the opportunity to do so.  Still, I must carry on regardless of how tediousl I find it.  The other day I actually got asked what colour chrome was.  I can feel my mental powers waning as I talk to these people.  Although my manager is no better as she doesn't believe that waning is a real word !?!  She thinks I made it up, honestly.  Mind you the woman claims never to have heard of Kevin Keegan so what could I expect?
'Tis the season and all that and despite my favourite co workers buggering off I'm quite getting into the spirit.  This year I've decided to rein in my spending and only buy small(er) gifts.  I wasn't expecting much from anyone and I have already received seven from my great big little sister.  Mind you I made it hard for everyone this year by buying all the FPS games on the PS3 for myself, currently swearing my way through Call of Duty:Black Ops and World at War on Veteran levels.  Glutton for  punishment I suppose, I've played Black Ops so many times in the last month that I lost count. Also Medal of Honour was one I've done on all levels too.  Basically I had a selfish year where I did and bought what I wanted instead of treating everybody else to the stuff I wanted.  I have taken exception to the sequences in Black Ops where they're in Vietnam but to my mind the sprites look thoroughly too modern in appearance.  besides which they are carrying far too much equipment for a humid climate like Vietnam.  Still that's the reason why my zombie landlord downstairs refuses to watch war movies with me, my military nit picking spoils my enjoyment somewhat.  I mean don't even get me started on the Battle of the Bulge film, or orange explosions from hand grenades ooh I could go on. but probably won't for fear of boring you (several years too late I fear). 


Anonymous said...

Where are you Mikey - you dead

Walt J

Mike said...

Sadly not :) No I keep writing stuff and then forgetting to post and I've been also concentrating on my (presumably poor) writing. I stopped writing my Zombie story as it was at the end (a good place to finish I find). I'm into the love story set in the Britpop era. That one is harder to write as I have no idea about two people in love my memory finds it hard to go back that far. Still it's shaping up nicely. I'll send off a few copies to publishers and if they aren't interested I'll self publish and hopefully the first will earn enough to do the next. Sadly I won't earn enough to retire on I know that much but it'll be nice to have at least one book published. WILL POST SOON (honestly).

Anonymous said...

Follow your dreams mate - go for it and keep safe


Rudee said...


I do hope so.
Discovered your blog a year ago and like it a lot.

Mike said...

Why thank you. :)