1 Dec 2010

One more card and it's 22
Unlucky 4 him again
He never had respect 4 money it's true
That's why he never wins
 Well, here we are again, another payday and another shit load of stuff to come from ebay, Amazon and Play.com.  I don't particularly need it but it is payday and I want it.  Besides I've made a lot of room by donating 60 or so books to the PDSA shop down the road.  There were so many that they had to send a van and two men.  Still it'll be good for the sick aminules.  
In other news I've reached nearly 41,000 words in my zombie story.  I'm going through a second draft at the moment.  I'm actually thinking of submitting it to a couple of publishers before I save up the £1,000 to get it self published.  Mainly because I have a job saving enough to cover my bank charges each month let alone save a grand.  Still I did manage to get my tv last year so maybe if I pull my finger out and stay off eBay etc.  
In other news my embargo with the nazi's at the Bournemouth International Centre is over with a great successful night watching Sir Paul of Weller.  It was my first time seeing him in any of his incarnations.  But when someone is as rabid a fan as my mate Jimmy you say no at your peril.  (More of a review of said gig next post).  Also I have reinstated Madness to my itunes, but sadly not my iPod yet.  This is due to the fact that I'm now using my 10" notebook as a main computer being as the one I bought from my workplace broke and the manufacturer's warranty was over a year before I bought it.  Bloody Maplins!!!  So anyway with this and the Hong Kong company not sending me the bit for my computer I needed to read the old hard drive I've not gotten around to the laborious task of transferring my itunes library.  Why do computer's only ever fuck up when you've got them just how you like them?  Still I'll treat myself to a big proper sized laptop after Christmas.  Providing I don't quit my job like two of my favourite people there.  Still at least they've escaped to better things, me?  i'm stuck there with new staff who are an unknown quantity and staff I've worked with before whom I don't want to work with.  I remember when work was fun.
But anyhow It will give me the impetus to escape myself.   Right I'm off to listen to the new Mark Ronson album and write this Paul Weller review.

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