1 Dec 2010

"Ghost of a steam train echoes down my track
Its at the moment bound for nowhere just going round and round,Ohh
Playground kids and creaking swings, lost laughter in the breeze
I could go on for hours and I probably will but,
I'd sooner put some joy back in this town called malice.

Paul Weller

Good news everybody, my embargo of the Bournemouth Inter-nazi-onal centre is over.  Also it was a very successful night.  In complete contrast to the Madness gig the atmosphere was much better and despite my attempt to smuggle in my smaller camera I was too far away to get a good shot.
Mind you we were right in the gods' and right smack in the middle so good seats,especially as there was no one behind me, not a great fan of people behind me for some vaguely paranoid reason.  FIrst on were a band called Cow whom I quite liked but Jimmy was a little disparaging about, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Blunt, was his opinion but I'm not that clued up on James Blunt to tell the truth.  I bow to his superior knowledge in this regard.  Secondly were The Bees whom I was vaguely aware from their hit ( Chicken Payback), which was on BBC6Music more often than not a couple of years back.  ANyway they are going to go on my ipod as soon as I find the money to buy it on itunes (that's how much I liked the set), Already chuffed with the fact that the evening was a hundred times better than last year's Madness debacle.  Firstly I'd not been treated like a criminal and poked by security staff.  Secondly I wasn't bored due to the lack of support and having to sit for two hours listening to the tracks I already had on my Ipod. (Many people I subsequently heard were miffed at this),  The longest we had to wait was the twenty minutes as they cleared the Bees' equipment off the stage.  Once Mr Weller lit up the stage with his presence the night was an unbridled success. Most of the current album was given an airing with a few of The Jam and Style Council thrown in for good measure some of As Is Now and Stanley Road, although sadly for me no Changing Man were aired.  It was a long set for a man of Weller's age but not for his talent.  There was something for all present.  The light show was fantastic too and the two large screens either side of the stage which beamed bigger pictures for those of us with altitude sickness to see better.  it was a nice touch to have a camera crew doing this liek you see at the big festivals.  At one point Paul said that "Bournemouth was very quiet tonight what's the matter hadn't we had our tea?"  Well no, I hadn't thank you for asking.  It was my own fault though as I'd only stopped playing Black Ops long enough to cook dinner and watch Naaaaarch City trounce Ipswich town in the Old Farm derby.  But anyway I digress, as fans of this blog will know is a female digre, the gig was a success as I say.  I had an inkling that the people heading for the exits were gong to miss the third encore, rule of thumb if the house lights don't come on then the band is about to reappear, anyway  was right.  Almost literally the house was being brought down to rapturous noise whilst the opening refrains of Town Called Malice echoed around the balcony.  It is going to be one of my 'happy place' memories alongside the whole crowd at the first Madstock singing along to Come On Eileen.  I may work it into one of my books somehow.  I want to go and see Paul Weller again and more gigs, even at the B.I.C, Apparently my surprise christmas present is to be a Specials ticket  for 2011 but shhh don't tell me or I'll find out.  It'll be another first for me as I never saw them first time around.  All I want now is to get Big Audio Dynamite and the Housemartins to reform and I'll be happy.  The only downside is the lack of an item of merchandising, I couldn't find anything from all the t shirts that I wanted.  In fact I was hoping that there would have been an mp3 of the gig like at the Madness one last year but sadly not.  Still you can't have everything can you?  It took me half an hour to get my coat from the cloakroom so I'd have missed the last bus home if there'd been two queues to get through.  Anyway if you have tickets to see the tour I hope you have as much fun as I did and I hope you see as many brand new, just opened before the gig and not yet lived in fishtail parkas as I did.

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