14 Sep 2010

"Sometimes you picture me
I'm walking too far ahead
You're calling to me, I can't hear
What you said
Then you say go slow
I fall behind
The second hand unwinds"
Hello blog followers, I'm feeling nostalgic at the moment which is always a bit of a dangerous thing.  I get a bit maudlin  afterwards.  I don't miss my childhood so much as I miss the fact that I wasn't a cynical middle aged bastard  who views everyone as a potential criminal or ne'er do well, just a miserable young 'un dreaming of escape.Maybe there's more of my father in me than I admit to?  Both for being a miserable bastard and for the little bit of Policeman that's in there. Mind you I'm not totally my father because I don't have my job and my hobby were I tell people what to do, he was Policeman and local leagues football referee.  Ah well, it's my own fault really for downloading all the mp3s of old pirate radio broadcasts.  I'm trying to jolt the old memory there into thinking about ye olde tymes of my childhood in Norfolk.  I used to be clamped to Laser 558 during the day and then later I'd turn over for John peel or Annie Nightingale on a weekend.  Luckily a good proportion of the mp3s are from the period I listened intently so I should scrape away the layers of memory and go back in time.  Ugh that would be dreadful if I actually went back in a Life on Mars way. Anyway before I shudder myself to death the reason I've been listening to these files is that as well as finally writing some books and story ideas on my new netbook every morning before I start work.  I'm currently ploughing my way through the zombie story that came to me in a dream one night and I'm filling all the blanks in.  It's also got me back into watching Zombie movies and I've been also enjoying the graphic novels in the Walking Dead series.  Read them if you can they're great.  Also the reason for the nostalgia recently is due to thinking too much, in between idiot customers, about the past.  I've got the outline of a story and a few ideas jotted down in many notebooks.  It's going to be a cross between Shane Meadows' work and Son of Rambow (great movie watch it if you are an '80's child).
I want to spend some of my next pay day and or trip to that there London perhaps buying some old '80's technology.  I have folders on my pc that have photos to jog the memory (the closest I've come to jogging since the army).  It's amazing to think of things you've forgotten.  Mind you I am bidding on a Hitachi TRK-3d80E Ghetto blaster. I wasn't going to bid, but I saw it and I got over excited because I used to have one when I was younger and I got rid of it when I joined the army.  Still, if I bought every piece of consumer electronics I've had over the years I think I'd have around 32 Hi-Fis alone.  At least ten VCRs, six or seven DVD players, two DVD recorders, five or six TVs, around eight computers seven cameras and twelve or so games consoles.  Several grandstand games and/or watch & games plus god alone knows how many digital watches. I'd be skint and have a bedroom full of electronic paraphernalia that would make the Gadget Show's competition look like dog shit... but I'd be happy.  I mean why did they make an alarm clock with a radio and a TV on it in the Eighties but not today?  I had one I remember buying it from Barry after we all left school.  I recorded Top of The Pops, so I could listen to it on the way to work on my yellow waterproof walkman, (cost me £11.99 from Cromer).  I remember recording things like The Good The Bad and The Ugly and listened to it so much I could quote the list of Tuco's crimes verbatim.  It was also a great radio so John Peel got a good ol' taping as did Annie Nightingale.  One thing I never owned was a Casio VL Tone, Which usually go on eBay for around £15... I'm just saying is all.
It would be handy if ever I set up that Trio tribute band, there is a reason as this is the only German I know.  Mind you as far as I know there was only that and Get Carter by The Human League ever recorded using a VL Tone so the set list would be short.  I only ever knew one kid that had one, his father was an electrician or some such bollocks but anyway he had more money than the rest of us kids.  He was still an arse.  But then aren't we all?

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