22 Sep 2010

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Keep feeling fascination
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Hello Upsetter fans (if there are any left after all this time).  Well The writing has leapt from the 'having thousands of pieces of paper everywhere' stage to the 'actually writing and shit' stage.  As we speak I'm about 10,500 words into it, what kicked my arse into gear was the fact that I bought myself a netbook (Samsung N130) for £150 on eBay.  Now every morning I get to work about an hour early and I usually write about 800 to 1,200 words before realising that I should have been on the shop floor five minutes ago, my tea has gone cold and my Crunchy Nut cornflakes have turned into mush.  So far I have killed three of my work colleagues and a dog... in the story.  The thing was I couldn't come up with names for some of the characters so as there was a couple of issues of FourFourTwo football magazine I just flicked through and amalgamated some names of footballers.  No the main character isn't called Xavi Beckham.  I'm quite chuffed that it seems to be coming along nicely and fairly easily.  I sit every morning and think "how is this going to go?"  half the time I mean the writing and half the time I mean the story.  But I just tart up the last paragraph I worked on and carry on and it just like me when I was a teenager it seems to come rather easily.
The whole zombie thing hadn't occurred to me being as I hadn't watched anything of the genre since Shaun of the dead and previous to that since Barry Talbot's house in the 1980's.  I had a dream one night of zombies attacking some people at a health farm or something like it and(spoiler alert) the army coming to the rescue.  So I wrote it down as it was such a complete and linear dream.  Now I'm writing it and I'm about a quarter of the way through (according to Steven King who reckons the novel is about 40,000+ words).  Hopefully I'd get this and the others published.  I'm going to cross genres and not just do the zombie thing though.  I have got one rule for this current story though... ZOMBIES DON'T RUN!!!!   That always gets me about the modern interpretation of the creatures is the fact that somehow the walking dead have become impatient.  They are reanimated corpses and therefore the muscles would have atrophied and in a lot of cases limbs have been broken.  The reason that there were so many victims was the fact that the survivors were often outnumbered, partially armed and not completely well balanced by some of the George A. Romero films I've since re watched.
I have however given a few nods to Shaun of the Dead.  I.E the opening scene the driver is listening to White Lines (don't do) on his iPod and he uses the phrase "How's that for fried gold" which paraphrases the line "How's that for a slice of fried gold?"  amongst others.  Amongst other things.  Anyway when I'm all big and Hollywood I won't forget you unless I'm in bed with Winona Ryder then to be honest I'd think you would the thing farthest from my mind.  

PS I may start posting music again soon


gobshyte said...

hi mike.mate this zombie story sounds brilliant.ive been tooling about with a semi written script/screenplay thing for a zombie film for years now.i think its time i got my arse into gear as well and put all my ideas into a cohesive whole rather than notes scribbled here there and everybloodywhere.you probably know this but filming has already finished on series 1 of the walking dead which i think airs in the U.S.A in october so i think ill be searching for downloads of it then.reading the post below and with the picture of the pirate radio boat i think would be great to tie that in somehow.i don t know why i just think it would make for some very intense scenes and would be a wonderful claustrophobic and atmospheric location.anyway mate if you have any zombie films you want to see for research etc ! that you dont have give me a shout cos i have feckin loads.anyway id love a sneak preview of any thing youve written cos i loves me a good zombie story.all the best with the writing


Mike said...

Ah hello Mr Shyte, thanks for the comment. I may post a short excerpt once I'm happy with what I've done. I'm thinking of self publishing with Authorhouse, it's a shame I'm not ready now because they've got a half price sale on. Thanks for the offer of Zombie related research but I have tonnes myself on the old hard drive (on one of the five) I am looking forward to the tv show of Walking Dead since I heard about it on iFanboy. Good luck with the I hope it pours forth like it is with me.

Anonymous said...

" PS I may start posting music again soon.................."

Stop dangling the carrot Mikey !!!!!!!

Hope your world is good matey - Walt

Mike said...

Well apart from my desktop dying everythings good. Still it gives me a good excuse to build a new version of W.O.P.R. Just enough time before Christmas to treat myself before I treat myself FOR Christmas.