8 Jul 2010

"Listen to the voice of Buddha
Saying stop your sericulture
Little people like your offspring
Boiled alive for some Gods stocking
Buddha's watching, Buddha's waiting"
Well we're out of the world cup, Brazil that is, but at least they went out playing football. Unlike England, but let us never speak of it again. I want this football game above to be broadcast so I can then justify to myself the expense of a Freesat HD box.  I know they aren't that expensive but to be honest I have only watched Top Gear, The World Cup, the IT Crowd and the odd movie here and there recently so it's not worth the hassle of banging the nails in to hold the dish up.  I can't say that I'd be overly thrilled at the shots they seem to show in slo mo on the tv at the moment.  Wow that's a high def shot of a bloke sliding along the ground with grass flying everywhere or wow that's a shot of someone missing the goal.  Can't say I'm that excited about the prospect of seeing the yellowness of Jeremy Clarkson's teeth as if I was three feet away or the giant puppy dog eyes of Richard Hammond that the ladies of a 'certain age' all seem to like in 1080p glory either.  Neither would I want to be blinded by James May's awful shirts.  But I suppose I'll succumb to it all in the end, I just hope they don't broadcast it in 3D.  I truly cannot see the point of cartoons in HD though I mean, how yellow can the Simpsons get?  3D is of no interest either, I downloaded some 3D porn he other day out of curiosity's sake only to wish I hadn't.  I found myself ducking as the man swung around in a 'state of arousal' as If avoiding the boom of a sailing boat, the 3D boobs were kind of nice on the lady though.  But when fluids started flying about I had to check to see if I needed to find a cloth for my screen.  I can't say it would catch on in my house, I deleted it.  Some movies would be good I think in 3D how about Aliens?  The face hugger would be even worse flying towards you than the porn was.
At least the BBC have decided in it's 'infinite wisdom' (ie unforeseen resistance from fans far and wide, well done us) to not axe BBC6Music.  Best thing the channel has done in years apart from axing the Last of the Summer Wine that show stopped being funny shortly before it was broadcast for the first time.

Anyhoo I'm not doing any music this time due to the fact that Rapidshare is playing silly buggers with people's accounts.  I'm going to probably do Hotfile or some such next time unless Rapidshare sort there pricing policy out.   Ugh, second Gay pride event in as many months in Bournemouth and STILL no straight pride parade with me on a truck watching top gear I tell you it's political correctness gone mad I'm off to write to the Daily Mail.


Anonymous said...

Where are you Mikey ??? - Walt Jabsco

Mike said...

I iz here. I haz been transmogrified into a kat who haz cheezeburgers.

Anonymous said...

You been having some of those funny mushrooms with that ????

Keep safe matey