1 Jul 2010

In my backpack
I got my act right
In case you act quite difficult
And your resolve weaken
With anger and discontent
Some are seeking and searching like Nimoy
England to win the world cup? It's about as believable as those 'long hot summer predictions' we get every time there's more than two sunny days n a row... or Christianity.  Every time we get the whole belief thing and the papers wheel out the tired old 3 lions bullshit and the slightly disguised references to the war when we meet the Germans.  Personally I think it makes the journos look stupid and slightly racist.  Although not as stupid as the players that took to the field at the last match against well, everybody in the South Africa World Cup.  Personally I'd like to see The F.A take the shield off the shirts and not put it back until they've earned it. Kind of like the way that the Royal Artillery was made to wear the white lanyard as a mark of shame after deserting the guns which ultimately led to the disaster of the 'charge of the light brigade'. If I remember the lessons from all those years ago whilst trying desperately not to fall asleep and get extra P.T. or fatigues.  Maybe they could all wear pink kit or made to play in their pants or something?
All I can think of is maybe to get rid of Capello like the media is clamouring for?  Who would replace him, Stuart Pierce?  My money would be on Harry Redknapp, Roy Hodgson, Martin O'Neill or David Moyes.  Maybe the F.A is trying to groom David Beckham to be the next England manager after all there was no other reason to be there other than that.  I can't see him being a motivational speaker.  My Zombie landlord downstairs thinks they should have someone above Capello who basically makes his position untenable so he leaves otherwise he'll hang on until The F.A sack him et voila, large payout. Still, my main team, Brazil, with the exception of the match against Portugal which nobody needed to win, played well.  As I write they are winning 3-0 against Chile so I foresee a good match between the Dutch and Brazilians... mind you this current competition has rendered me wrong an many an occasion.  Let's face it who would have said Japan would have gotten as far as they did?  This is why I'm temporarily Brazilian every four years at least if they go out of the competition they've gone out whilst actually playing football.

Anyhoo here's the music
Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
James Brown - Greatest Breakbeats vol 1
Half Man Half Biscuit - This Leaden Pall


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Hi Mike, thanks for the Gorillaz but do you have part 3?

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Sorry I thought it had been uploaded. I'll do a re-up.

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Sorry that must have been uploading when my router decided to quit on me.

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Thanks for part 3 :) and sorry 'bout Brazil.

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