21 Jun 2010

This time, more than any other time, this time,
We're going to find a way,
Find a way to get away,
This time, getting it all together
I think that my decision to become Brazilian every four years has been vindicated.  Especially after the debacle that was England Vs. Algeria.  It's no wonder that we hold the 1966 winners in such high regard when the current team don't perform to the potential that I know they have.  Mind you all in all it's been a dull competition so far with the odd brief highlight thrown in.  My prediction, which will no doubt prove to be woefully wide of the mark once I predict it, is the last four being Argentina, Brazil, Italy and Germany.  Although going by results in this competition I could be wrong.  It'll turn out to be Paraguay, Ghana, Ivory Coast and New Zealand in the Semi finals.  If that's true then remember you heard it here first folks!!!  
My virtual Panini sticker album is coming along nicely on Fifa.com because collecting the real one would be, at my age, considered sad... I get that next pay day along with loads of packets of stickers.  I've decided that if England isn't up to the job of work why don't the F.A. do what most companies do and outsource the work to the Polish or Indians?  They'd be cheaper and win in half the time although they may not turn up until half an hour's been played already.  Still it couldn't be worse can it?  I think I've worked it out via my ready reckoner, Fifa wall chart and slide rule that it could.  England could come up against the Germans in the next round and we have such great record when it comes to playing them.  Mind you at least we're not doing as badly as the French with Anelka going home and the fitness coach being sent home after a bust up with Evra.  The French team have refused to train two days before the crucial game they need to win.
To quote the namesake of one of my friends, Jimmy Greaves "it's a funny old game"

In the meantime whilst we await the knocking out of all the European sides here's the music.

Bad Manners - Ska n B
Genesis - The Platinum Collection
The Beatles - Past Masters (remastered 2009)

That's it , links in the comments, see you next time


Mike said...

http://rapidshare.com/files/401457963/G-PC.part3.rar.html Genesis - Platinum Collection

http://rapidshare.com/files/401137828/BM_-_S_n_B.rar Bad Manners - Ska'n'B

http://rapidshare.com/files/401097928/TB_-_PM_R2009_.part1.rar The Beatles - Past Masters

Lee said...

I have the real panini album, Morrisons gave it to me when I did some shopping and every time I spend £20 they give me a pack of stickers, so far I have about 10 stickers with 3 doubles which is pretty much par for the course with every world cup sticker album I've owned since 1978.

Richard said...

The pain and frustration of following England, heh?

*pours you a pint*

Thanks for some great shares...

Anonymous said...

I'm Welsh matey - dont understand the game with the round balls !!

Walt Jabsco

Mike said...

Welsh is it? Now there's lovely.