21 Jun 2010

This time, more than any other time, this time,
We're going to find a way,
Find a way to get away,
This time, getting it all together
I think that my decision to become Brazilian every four years has been vindicated.  Especially after the debacle that was England Vs. Algeria.  It's no wonder that we hold the 1966 winners in such high regard when the current team don't perform to the potential that I know they have.  Mind you all in all it's been a dull competition so far with the odd brief highlight thrown in.  My prediction, which will no doubt prove to be woefully wide of the mark once I predict it, is the last four being Argentina, Brazil, Italy and Germany.  Although going by results in this competition I could be wrong.  It'll turn out to be Paraguay, Ghana, Ivory Coast and New Zealand in the Semi finals.  If that's true then remember you heard it here first folks!!!  
My virtual Panini sticker album is coming along nicely on Fifa.com because collecting the real one would be, at my age, considered sad... I get that next pay day along with loads of packets of stickers.  I've decided that if England isn't up to the job of work why don't the F.A. do what most companies do and outsource the work to the Polish or Indians?  They'd be cheaper and win in half the time although they may not turn up until half an hour's been played already.  Still it couldn't be worse can it?  I think I've worked it out via my ready reckoner, Fifa wall chart and slide rule that it could.  England could come up against the Germans in the next round and we have such great record when it comes to playing them.  Mind you at least we're not doing as badly as the French with Anelka going home and the fitness coach being sent home after a bust up with Evra.  The French team have refused to train two days before the crucial game they need to win.
To quote the namesake of one of my friends, Jimmy Greaves "it's a funny old game"

In the meantime whilst we await the knocking out of all the European sides here's the music.

Bad Manners - Ska n B
Genesis - The Platinum Collection
The Beatles - Past Masters (remastered 2009)

That's it , links in the comments, see you next time

15 Jun 2010

"A bunch of lonesome and very quarrelsome heroes
were smoking out along the open road;
the night was very dark and thick between them,
each man beneath his ordinary load."
 Well hello there, it's been a while hasn't it?  Been a bit busy what with working and being dead tired from all that bollocks.  To be honest I was thinking about stopping this blog altogether what with not being able to think of anything to write, (since when did that stop me?)  "So what's happened in the last few months?" I hear you ask.  Well I now have no Madness recordings and no cds or dvds by anyone whatsoever having sold them all for a few hundred pounds.  All my cds are now digitised and either on my iPod or hard drive.  I'm another year older and getting grumpier, although I think this is due to my work rather than getting old.  Note to cunt-stomers... I hate you.  Stop talking to me as if you think I care about what you are doing outside of giving us money for the product you just bought. Thank you.
In the next few weeks I'll be English up until the quarter finals and then I'll be Brazilian.  Yes, it's time for the world cup.  Luckily all the matches bar the opening one and one or two others are going to be an evening kick off so I won't miss many.  Also this time I have a brand spanking new 42" LG LCD TV (42lh3000 in case you are interested)  I know it's smaller than the 50" I was saving for but my Zombie landlord downstairs bought the same model and I decided it was big enough for the space I had.  But I've now rediscovered all my games in the resolution they were meant to be and started watching all my blu-rays.
The book writing is speeding along like a snail. I have several hundred more bits of paper and carry around notebooks and pens in all my different coats and rucksacks etc.  I must collate the stuff and find how much I've got so far.  It's just finding the time for all the stuff I want to do.
Still, It'll all come good in the end I'm sure.  I could do with a holiday to the north west of Scotland at a writer's retreat that I've spotted.  The only thing stopping me is the fact that you gather around a fire in the evening and read your stuff aloud and then do some dancing.  No thank you I'm English/Brazilian.  Although they used the Gaelic word for dancing which I had to look up.  I am worried about the fact that I may come back after a week or two speaking like William McGonnagal after all I did come back with a slight Brummie accent when I went for Army selection in Sutton Coldfield... for a day and a half.  The other thing that worries me is the fact that it looks remarkably like the Scottish Hotel in Little Britain.  

Anyway here's the music I've been enjoying of late.  Some Half Man Half Biscuit (Camel Laird Social Club  And ACD) and Sticky Fingers by the Rolling Stones. Links in the Comments.

14 Jun 2010

If everyone joined me on facebook and voted for my Visa fixer entry that would be great, new post(s) imminent btw.