11 Jan 2010

"Come all you rambling boys of pleasure
And ladies of easy leisure
We must say AdiĆ³s! until we see
Almeria once again"

Eugh some dirty cunt-stomer gave me germs and stuff and made me have to have two extra days off. It wasn't all that unpleasant really having to sit there in my armchair playing my PS3 games from Christmas and eating my sweets of yore. (drumsticks, sherbet fountains, black jacks, chalk lollies and parma violets) Mmmm lovely. Anyway I forgot what I was going to write about so I'll try to come up with something. I'm a little bit disappointed about the fact that everywhere got snow fairly heavily and we got it for about a day and a half. Although my road is still covered in a sheet of compacted snow yet to melt. It is quite funny to watch people walking past as if they've had an accident in their trousers. To tell the truth I'd rather have about three foot outside the door and more on the way so that I could get snowed in at home so I can get further along with Call of Juarez and Wolverine whilst chomping away on sweets. I'd like to have been bedecked in my new Modern Warfare 2 t shirt whilst also playing that game but for the life of me I can't find it, just like my sex life and self esteem it has just disappeared into thin air.
Still, pay day this weekend and I've got it off for a change so that'll be me off to Poole for a full English, comics and a laugh at the great unwashed. I must remember to take a notepad to write down my witticisms and scathing character assassinations.
Anyway in the meantime here's the Jam box set 'Direction Reaction Creation' for you. Enjoy the music.