25 Jan 2009

"Rockunroll is bred,
When its shiny skin is shed,
With a poison pencil lead,
You all rock until you're bled. "

My PS3 gave me a scare the other day for it stopped playing disks. For A few days there was a big hole under my tv, clearly marked by an oblong shaped dust imprint, until they replaced it (The PS3 not the dusty hole). I suppose I shall have to dust under the tv now? Damn it it just gets worse and worsererer. My hands have become locked in the permanent claw/death grip and they have become fused from holding the controller for hours on end. I've lost all my game saves but luckily I still have the trophies I won YAY! I must say though out of all of the customer service people I have ever rung (including Maplin's own) they were the most professional, courteous and helpful I have ever dealt with. Not like when you ring AOL where you have to try and hear the person over the top of a babble of about 5,000 other operators and then understand them. I had four different people tell me four different things in regards to my problem with them only to find that it was none of them.
Still, as I was busy writing a chapter of one of my stories whilst I should have been doing that work type stuff at my job the other day I began to think. About bloody time really I mean I'm nearly forty. But you know, better later than never. It's time I got a better job before this one gets me down. I even applied to work in a NAAFI in Afghanistan for six months, that's how down I get in this job. Still I know it could be worse. I just hate the regional manager's new stupid idea to give two half hour breaks rather than the one hour we used to get. I haven't taken a break at work in 6 months because of it. Time to leave before I punch the little prick. Oh well.
Hmm note to self don't write blogs whilst you have a headache. A note of interest the above witterings where to have been the 201st post but the blog people objected to me posting Morrissey's unreleased album due to the fact that I had 'copyrighted material' on there ... what about all the other posts? Oh well. Downloads do not cut artist revenue in fact many people on another forum or two I post on have stated that they will buy the album and others due to the fact that they've heard it first by download. Quite right I mean I do. Besides name me one pop star who has starved to death lately? From now on I'll put the links into the comments, just so as there's no hotlinks for people to follow.

Have fun and remember to buy cds.

8 Jan 2009

"But in weather like this,
you should wear a coat, a nice warm hat

A needle and thread the hand stitches of time

Battling Levinsky versus Jackie Burk
Bobbing and weaving, an invisible line"

I remember that several years ago when I lived with the Scots couple that being as they liked 'a wee dram' (or several) of the product from the 'auld country' that If I heard those naughty sweary words that the big kids use, then it was time to put the headphones on and thwack up the music. Just lately though if I hear those grown up words it's usually complimented by the sound of an AR-16 automatic rifle. Both the gunfire and colourful language come from my mate downstairs this is because he's playing Left 4 Dead on his Xbox360. I tell you for a hippy of 'some' years behind the (raffia work) belt, he isn't half violent. The other day I came home from working in the hectic paced world of electronicalist retailary when he suddenly reminded me of the bit from Platoon when Charlie Sheen's easy going character suddenly loses it and shoots at the mentally challenged Vietnamese kids feet shouting "Dance Mother fucker DANCE!!!!" Whatever happened to peace, love and understanding? as Elvis Costello once sung. I didn't think that Tony Blair and Dubya pissed him off quite that much that he has to take it out on the pixelated undead? Mind you it is quite funny to find the walls of the hospital level splashed with blood and decapitated body parts and a panting landlord as he'd held his breath for the length of the onslaught and emptied several hundred rounds into the fracas. Mind you he's pretty much the same when playing Fifa 09 although he is getting better I'm the one who has problems with the offside decisions. Although strangley whilst playing 'runny shooty' type games I'm quite the opposite I'm all calm and collected and then whilst playing some kind of platform game I'll swear like a sailor with Tourettes' syndrome who has just stubbed his toe whilst barefoot. I don't know what that says about me? But then again who cares? They are just games and so long as I don't go around calmly shooting people in the street it doesn't really matter. Although there have been some close calls...
Anyway onto the music firstly I've uploaded Big Audio Dynamite 2 - The Globe which is quite a rarity
Then I've uploaded The Who Sings - My Generation (Special Edition) for your pleasure
Finally I've found all the Madness - Wonderful B Sides and Rarities as opposed to just the bootleg covers that were posted on another blog (they are included)

7 Jan 2009

"Why deny that the lie that is sent
Makes you live work and die for some rent
If you're happy then to leave it up to them
The only road you'll know's that hard road my friend"

I was going to use the headline "Stop dreaming of the quiet life, it's the one we'll never know" But I've used it before and I'm in a 'Liberty of Norton Folgate' frame of mind still. Besides which I like dreaming of a quiet life as it's what keeps me going. I can see myself in the picture above with the most beautiful brunette in the world laying out on the upper deck with most of my crew having jumped over board to escape my sea related impressions (Long John Silver and Captain Bligh) around about 3,000 miles previously. I know that this may well never happen no matter how many Lottery tickets I buy. I will still have to trudge up the hill to work on freezing cold mornings stopping only to snap dogs from lampposts. I have however had enough of idiotic customers and possibly going to be punched in the face area manager. I probably won't do it though as I need to pay the Abbey Nazional to clear my old account with them and would quite like to not have a police record (other than Zenyatta Mondatta). Although I get quite angry I would like to point out that I haven't raised my hands to anyone since 1989 or 90 when I was in the Army, I can't even remember his name or rank let alone what he did to rile me but I do remember him as 'horse head' as he had a head that was quite long. Since then I have had better things to do with my hands but sadly lately not fumbling with the bits of a lady as often as I'd been happy with. Unlike Tom Robinson I'm glad not to be gay I mean let's face what would be the point of being a homosexualist when women have got all the best bits? Except those women in my shop the other day that is. It was as if someone had left the side of the telly off and the Jeremy Kyle show had fallen out. Not nice. To be honest today was one of those "I wish I was still in the Army shooting things" days or maybe I just wish I still had a gun? Then I'd probably shoot many of the customers and be arrested for wasting rounds. Although I would be okay with blatting one off into the area manager, (Not as filthy as it sounds). Still, I will try to keep my job as it's my ambition to try and save a grand or more by the end of the year, hopefully more. Especially if I can stay away from Amazon and ebay et al. By the time I'm 149 I should have enough saved for the yacht in the picture but alas I'll probably not get the brunette. She's far too intelligent for that.
Anyway here's the music you'll have trudged through that wittering old bollocks for. Firstly I've upped Madness - Camden Cowboys bootleg vinyl rip.
Then I've done Dance Crasher a trojan compilation of note from the late eighties that remember well on long hot summer drunken nights etc....
And lastly I've given you Street Corner a ska compilation from the late nineties that I remember well on those long hot sober nights etc....
Bye for now Upsetter fans.

2 Jan 2009

"Cos in the Liberty of Norton Folgate
Walking wild and free, in your second hand coat,
Happy just to float
In this little piece of liberty
You’re a part of everything you see"

Well here we are at last ...2009 ... the future. Mind you it doesn't look very futuristic does it? Where's my flying car? Where's my robot and spaceship? Weren't we supposed to be living on the moon by now? And eating food pills? The past lied to us just to keep us going. MInd you would we have continued to live our lives the way we have if in the past a presenter came on to Tomorrow's World and said "Basically people we're fucked."? Who could have foresaw that we'd be up to our necks in the proverbial shit? Terrorism, fiscal downturns that make banker's wall charts look like roller coaster blueprints, unpopular wars, suffering on a huge scale the world over, national and international companies crapping themselves over whether or not there will be a tomorrow for them. I tell you we'll be moving towards soup kitchens next and scenes reminiscent of the dustbowl America in the '30's. But hey let's look for the brightside shall we? After all there are many more things to put us in an early grave so don't worry about anything. If I've learnt anything over these last few years is that things always seem worse before the dawn. And stuff always seems worse if that's all you think about.
If any of you haven't bought the new Madness albumumumum yet I urge you to do so as I can't stop playing it, as you may well tell from my Last.fm profile. At last they have produced an album that I believe to show the potential they were always capable of but always fell short of (since their reforming that is). It's what I was doing New Year's eve, I had been invited out to a party but I would have been the oldest one there by about twenty years and didn't feel like standing around watching a load of kids get drunk. I had my mp3 player on with my PSP in my hand battling the Nazis (again) who says men can't multi task? Still, I had to drown out the fireworks anyway and the drunks wandering around in the freezing night air wearing only a t shirts, jeans and beer jacket shouting "Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhappppeeeeeee nooyeeeeeaahhhh" etc. Go away I don't care. All the passage of time does is depress me so I try not to think about it. I suppose I'd be more inclined to celebrate things if I was with a woman but I've given up on that front now. Onwards into my dotage ploughing a single furrow through life!!! It would have been nice to have the 2.4 etc but life isn't blue printed the same for everyone sadly. As I told the Christian at work the other day "If god wants me for a sunbeam he'll give the incredibly beautiful girlfriend and British touring car driving career I want or it'll mean he isn't that bothered about me being a god botherer." I even gave a list of names. We'll see.
Anyway here's the music, firstly there's the new Madness album just to make you go and buy it as I think the box set is worth it especially if you read the list of extras you'll get with it.
Secondly I've uploaded Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Apples as I don't see that one posted that often if at all.
Then lastly I've given you The Style Council - Confessions of a Pop Group.