24 Dec 2009

"Now watch this
Toodle langa langa Toodle langa fang

Toodle langa langa
oodle langa fang
I'm in heaven
I'm In heaven
I'm In heaven when you smile."

I made this (It's the Internet) for a friend at work. If you haven't seen it it's from the I.T Crowd which is really funny and I hope there's a fourth series. Anyway, I did really well this year as far as presents go both received and given. Everybody was happy with what I bought them and some people even resisted the urge to open them before the big day itself. I was pretty pleased with all the stuff I got for others too. I had a change to the original plans for Christmas day instead of the planned fry up we went for Pukka pies, mash and peas mmm lovely. My favourite present (although they were all good) was the unexpected bonus box of sweeties from my childhood. I'd forgotten how much I liked Sherbet Dib Dabs, Sherbet Fountains, Black Jacks and Fruit Salads mmmm. Anyway Christmas was a very nice break only spoilt by the fact that I had to go back to work on Boxing day to put up with people bringing back stuff that their son Mungo has broken by smashing his fists on them whilst chained up in the basement. I was upset not for that reason but for the fact that I had to get a taxi into work as it was pissing down and there was no bus service on Boxing day but the company won't reimburse me the thirty quid I had to spend. If I'd known I'd have stayed at home and taken the loss of wages instead. But the reason I didn't walk out after shouting at my manager was the fact that I wanted my 50" tv. New year's eve was spent playing one of my presents Batman Arkham Asylum so I missed it all. That is until I suddenly thought at around 0030 hrs "Hmm there's a lot of fireworks... must go to bed... Oh it's new years eve." Suddenly I felt sad that I wasn't getting a New Year snog (or better) but this was passing so I went to bed. I finished Arkham Asylum the next day (great game, buy it), and ate more sherbet (Thanks Jimmy) I need more now so come pay day I'm going to probably end up a diabetic. The first working day of the new year was interesting... well I say interesting I meant bloody awful. The full moon did it's usual job of bringing out the 'special needs' cunt-stomers. How I remain calm I'll never know. I have tired of retail and am wondering what to do next, will I go back to the old ways of working in a factory, laundry or just wash dishes for a living because I'm tired of thinking for others? Or shall I stay put for the while and endure like I always do? As ever the future is spread out before me like a great junction without road signs.

Anyway here's the part you've all been waiting for. The Music, it's the 5 disk box set from The Style Council - The Complete Adventures of. I've written all the id3 tags and named the tracks so they come up on mp3 players named correctly now.



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