24 Dec 2009

"Now watch this
Toodle langa langa Toodle langa fang

Toodle langa langa
oodle langa fang
I'm in heaven
I'm In heaven
I'm In heaven when you smile."

I made this (It's the Internet) for a friend at work. If you haven't seen it it's from the I.T Crowd which is really funny and I hope there's a fourth series. Anyway, I did really well this year as far as presents go both received and given. Everybody was happy with what I bought them and some people even resisted the urge to open them before the big day itself. I was pretty pleased with all the stuff I got for others too. I had a change to the original plans for Christmas day instead of the planned fry up we went for Pukka pies, mash and peas mmm lovely. My favourite present (although they were all good) was the unexpected bonus box of sweeties from my childhood. I'd forgotten how much I liked Sherbet Dib Dabs, Sherbet Fountains, Black Jacks and Fruit Salads mmmm. Anyway Christmas was a very nice break only spoilt by the fact that I had to go back to work on Boxing day to put up with people bringing back stuff that their son Mungo has broken by smashing his fists on them whilst chained up in the basement. I was upset not for that reason but for the fact that I had to get a taxi into work as it was pissing down and there was no bus service on Boxing day but the company won't reimburse me the thirty quid I had to spend. If I'd known I'd have stayed at home and taken the loss of wages instead. But the reason I didn't walk out after shouting at my manager was the fact that I wanted my 50" tv. New year's eve was spent playing one of my presents Batman Arkham Asylum so I missed it all. That is until I suddenly thought at around 0030 hrs "Hmm there's a lot of fireworks... must go to bed... Oh it's new years eve." Suddenly I felt sad that I wasn't getting a New Year snog (or better) but this was passing so I went to bed. I finished Arkham Asylum the next day (great game, buy it), and ate more sherbet (Thanks Jimmy) I need more now so come pay day I'm going to probably end up a diabetic. The first working day of the new year was interesting... well I say interesting I meant bloody awful. The full moon did it's usual job of bringing out the 'special needs' cunt-stomers. How I remain calm I'll never know. I have tired of retail and am wondering what to do next, will I go back to the old ways of working in a factory, laundry or just wash dishes for a living because I'm tired of thinking for others? Or shall I stay put for the while and endure like I always do? As ever the future is spread out before me like a great junction without road signs.

Anyway here's the part you've all been waiting for. The Music, it's the 5 disk box set from The Style Council - The Complete Adventures of. I've written all the id3 tags and named the tracks so they come up on mp3 players named correctly now.


5 Dec 2009

"Harry rag, harry rag
Do anything just to get a harry rag

And he curses himself for the life he's led
And rolls himself a harry rag and puts himself to bed"

So imagine me happy go lucky old me. There I was enjoying life at the moment and on my way to an event I've been looking forward to for at least six months having booked the day off for the gig especially. I take my camera along (not the great big one but my pocket camera), but the moronic security turds make me put it in the security office because its a camera with a lens on it (to quote them). Well all cameras have a lens on them otherwise they aren't cameras just box of electronics doing nothing. But they were insistent so I went and put it in there. The dumbass in the office said I'll give you a receipt for it in case you forget to come and get it. "Not bloody likely it was quite expensive" I say and snatch the receipt and walk off whilst he's in mid sentence. Then the gorilla-a-likes snatch the bottle of Lucozade from my hand and rip the top of the bottle saying I couldn't have it with a top on in the arena, but gave no explanation as to why. I only bought it for after the gig. I wrote to Chrissy Boy on the official site only to be told that it was at his request as 'he owns all the rights to the Madness photos'. So that's it as far as I'm concerned the Madness stops here. That was my final gig. To be treated like that at the behest of a band I've supported through thick and thin is a slap in the face to say the least. If I can't take a camera in to a concert to have a memento of a gig by a band I've loved and followed for thirty years all of a sudden then fuck it. To be honest what kind of shot would I have gotten from the balcony? Certainly not a professional shot by any means. I mean when it was the lean years of '86 - '92 when I bought Voice of the Beehive, The Nutty Boys, The Madness, Butterfield 8 and The Farm just because of the connection with Madness. They couldn't do enough for you if you met them in a pub or at a gig. I remember when they split up I'd been in M.I.S for about four years by then (I still have the card), I got a parcel of merchandise from them twice as big as they'd advertised just because that's the type of guys they were, generous. But I suppose as they hurtle towards retirement they are feathering their nests more and more. Well you pay for them to do that if you want but I wont anymore.
The irony is that I've just written a piece for my company magazine all about Quadrophenia being a story of betrayal and how the whole film is a flashback of all the reasons why Jimmy walks away from Mod by killing the Ace Face's scooter, and now here I am doing the same suddenly realising the true faces of my heroes. I've always tried not to put people on pedestals as I've always been disappointed and I hadn't realised I was still doing that with Madness. I should have known really that with the whole 'look at me thing' that celebrities do because they can't do the real world stuff like the rest of us 'norms' do, all celebrities are self serving arses without exception. Case in point during the gig Suggs asks us all even though we've bought Norton Folgate and Total to buy the remasters of Absolutely. Why? So I can own something I already own in several different formats? Basically all they are doing is selling me the compilations I used to make when I was a kid so no, no more albums, gigs, books, t shirts or anything related to the band. He referred to the band as a 'corporation' there is always a kernel of truth in every joke.

And now I feel the need to kill something on Modern Warfare 2... again.

Anyway here's a video I found online called Ska Beatz, which is directed by Joe Massot and seems to be alternate takes from Dance Craze. A great post by the original poster. Also I've given you Bollocks to Christmas an alternate and punk Christmas album.