26 Nov 2009

"Broken windows and empty hall ways
Pale dead moon in a sky streaked with grey

Human kindness is overflowing

And I think it`s going to rain today"

Do you know life's ok at the moment, even with arsehole customers and idiot colleagues (Note: drying your footwear in a microwave is disgusting and will result in me making you buy a new one you disgusting little Frodo lookalike). Ok, so I spent most of this months wages within a week on ebay and Amazon most of it was for the baby Jeebus' Birthday so that's ok and some of it was due to forgetting how much I had left. But, there you go. I mean OK I had to stand in the cold for nearly an hour the other night due to the bus being late and it was eight before I got my dinner which is more frequent occurance than I'd like. Still shit happens I suppose? Let's look at the positive side of things I have some very good friends and a really nice social life to boot. Every month we go out to a meal on payday and have a nice couple of hours sitting having some decent food and a chin wag and occassional laugh or two. Sometimes the meal is followed by a film it depends whats on. It might not be the cup of tea that everyone likes but that's fair enough I enjoy it and so do the rest of us. There are people who think it's a great night out if they spend all their money on spewing up and having a fight, personally that's never been me even in my days as a Skinnyhead. I enjoyed my long weekend off the other day as I found out my weekly bus ticket that I buy enables me to go out into the sticks which I did. I had a trainspotting moment where I just had to get out of the town and into the green and brown world. It worked, then the next day I went to Poole and with its crowds of badly dressed people, hoopy earrings and leggings everywhere it was. By the end of the trip to Poole I really wanted to be out in the country again. I wish I drove then I'd be out there more. The third day I just spent blowing shit up in Modern Warfare 2 which I must say was well worth the wait. Maybe it's just me having a midlife crisis or something but I've really had enough of people at the moment. I think I need to retreat from retail ...or just become a hermit. But, I'm glad I'm not the bus driver I served the other day who had to buy a spy camera to protect himself from racial abuse on his bus. He told me that he came to Britain 10 years or so ago and drove in London and suffered no abuse or anything he then gets here and is called a black so and so. I wasn't suprised when he told me the area of town either but there you go, I felt for the guy and told him so. It made me ashamed of this burgh for a bit, but then with my new found positive attitude that I try to foster I realised that there are more intelligent non racist people in the town than there are knuckle draggers.

Anyways up here's the latest Madness concert I went to in Bournemouth. I bought this as an mp3 on a little Madness logo shaped USB stick which was nice. Great gig spoiled by the B.I.C Gestapo more of that next post. Plus I've posted Bad Manners Skinhead and We Are The League by Anti Nowhere League and finally Ministry of Sound Electronic '80's.

1 Nov 2009

"Shaking in me knee bones and me elbows,
its driving me around the bend

Uncontrollable feelings sends me reeling,

There's no need to pretend"

Well hello there, I suppose I should have posted a bit whilst off on holiday but you know what with one thing and another (Call of Duty, Force Unleashed and the Jeremy Isaacs series Cold War) I forgot to do it. One thing I didn't forget to do though is half my Christmas shopping leaving the final four presents to buy at the end of November. This leaves me with a sizeable chunk to be put aside for the TV I want (it will be the size of the one above, although sadly not with the oriental lady) with the December pay packet. I would however like to state that my blog will not be affected... much anyway. Although with all the writing I've not been doing lately I had to kill my Farm on Facebook as I had over 5 million points and it took two hours to fully harvest, plow then seed every night. So I stopped it. Pity farming isn't that easy in the real world then I could get an EU subsidy to not grow anything in order to help reduce the EU 'wine lake', 'butter mountain' or 'cheese hillock' or whatever nonsensical newspaper invented thing there is.
I did however think (again) about dumping the blog, but thanks to the comments that came flooding in quite literally in their ones I have thought again, despite the 'worldwide blogging downturn' in WIRED magazine. After all however will you get your daily quota of ill informed badly spelled and grammatically incorrect load of old bollocks if I retire after these 4 years or so?
My colleague and friend at work has decided that she is more or less going to go to the good ole' USA of A for 6 months next year. I said that it's better to do it now and not wait like I did and find yourself never doing these things. I had all the enthusiasm but none of the money when I was younger to travel and now I have the money to do it I don't want to go anywhere. Bloody life.
I am however making friends again at work with some of the population of Bournemouth through my cheery demeanour (no really), I have an elderly gentleman who comes in now and again to chat about aircraft with me. I've just given him my copy of Vulcan 607 which you should read if you get the chance. It's about the story of Operation Black Buck against Port Stanley airfield back in 1982. Although there's no jingoistic flag waving 'up your Junta!' Sun type cobblers in it, it does what a good book should do and just present the facts from all sides concerned and lets the reader decide what's what. Personally I thought it was a miracle we hit the runway at all when you read the book not to mention the typical British 'sellotape bits to military equipment to make it work' ethos. So all this hoo hah at the moment of not having the right kit and not enough helicopters etc is nothing new.

Anyway here's the music Madness' - Remastered version of One Step Beyond and The Housemartins' Deluxe Edition of London 0 - Hull 4.

Oh by the way a friend of mine gave me this article to read. It basically says what I have always maintained. Home taping never killed music and it never will. Here's the article

The music as ever is in the comments.