3 Oct 2009

"You know, now we get worried about what we say
We shouldn't be that way
You know, I don't care who comes,
cos as far as I'm concerned,
Its, eggs bacon beans and a fried slice"

You know I'm quite happily minding my own beeswax enjoying the world in colour, when something happens to make you sit up and take notice of the old monochrome world. Yes, it's time for the semi frequent Norfolk bashing again. Well not much of one really (sorry to disappoint) but I'm really getting happy about following Naaaaaaaarch city FC again as this season they seem to have pulled their collective fingers out and manage to cobble a few good results together. Thereby doubling the club record of one win in a row to two a record that going by many many years of following the club will long be held. I was shocked at the fact that Naaaaaarch managed to score 5 goals in one match, I was so shocked at the result on the BBC 1 show late Saturday night I had to have a lie down for eight hours. I have dusted off my old scarves and bobble hat and now proudly tell people I support Naaaaaarch City rather than hang my head in shame, although after the first game where we got royally rogered 6-1 I did have my 'Barnstoneworth!' moment of rage.
However this wasn't what got me interested in North Norfolk (if anything ever did of course) but after wondering why I haven't heard from my lickle sister for several months has she been constantly drunk all this time? I just was bored so I YouTubed the town of North Walsham and got a rather interesting flyover video someone had posted. You see the whole town and in my mind had it been the eighties then I would have quite happily accepted it as the view from a lone Russian bomber paying a visit and dropping a little present on us and I would have been incinerated along with my Madness record collection and ten speed racer. Then I got a video of Christmas time in North Walsham and coudn't get the rendition of 'away in a manger' out of my bloody head until exorcised with a little help from AC/DC.
However this wasn't what got me interested in Norfolk either. What did was the random bolt out of the blue where a beautiful woman I used to love but didn't feel I had what she needed for a good life and so distanced my self from her physically and geographically added me to her Facebook. And some things get better with age she is the living proof. To tell you the truth I was about to delete my facebook account as I got a little bored with it after all I have mastered the FarmVille app with 4 million coins and climbing and I just spend too much time on it as well. I always thought that people were best remembered in memory as what they were. Because I always go back to the Charles Dickens story of the woman he loved but didn't get involved with but many years later when his own marriage had gone awry he found out that she was a widow now and he went to see her. But she was no longer the great beauty that he had remembered fondly but a worn out old woman. I suppose that you could argue that he didn't really love her and that he held on to a forlorn hope of happiness with something that could never be. A theme I am all too familiar with. Still, a man can dream maybe in another life I get to win this time? For a long time I couldn't listen to The Jam's 'A Bitterest Pill' without picturing her, her husband and my forms in the various parts in the video playing in my mind. But anyway it's all water under the bridge and builds character and as I've said before I have the best built character I know I wouldn't mind a little bit of crumbling facade every now and then thank you.

The music is Kraftwerk - Autobahn and a load of Trojan singles from the early period of the label. Enjoy.


Mike said...

http://rapidshare.com/files/291036282/K-A.rar Kraftwerk - Autobahn

http://rapidshare.com/files/291733890/VA_-_TrojSin-1.rar Trojan Singles

Reverend Strange said...

Hey, Mike - this is the first time I've stopped by in a while, so I thought I'd say hi.

I'm intrigued by your connection with North Norfolk, given that you're about the same age as me - I grew up in Fakenham, and my folks still live there. I was also a big Madness and 2-Tone fan back in the day, and I always enjoy your blog, so keep up the good work! The best compliment I can give you is that your blog is cosy and life-affirming, like a really comfy pair of slippers. (I put a lot of thought into that compliment, so I do hope it's well received!)

Anyhoo, Happy New Year!


Mike said...

Aaaah Fakenham, there used to be a great book shop there which I used to frequent every time my friend took her Volvo in for a service.