1 Sep 2009

"Nothing, it seems, lasts forever
People change just like the weather
Some for good and sometimes never
I hope things work out for the better."

My pic from Bournemouth Air Festival 22/08/09 Guinot Wing Walkers

I think I may have hit upon the reason we all like to share online content. It's because when it all comes down to it the MP3s or whatever are pretty worthless really. Yes there are some great items posted by everyone but when all is said and done they are after all just electrons albeit electrons arranged into the tunes or video you like or have just discovered. I don't see them as a 21st century version of a record collection I see them as a modern version of taking your record collection around your mate's house and saying "you've got to hear this". If they tape it so be it but in my experience most of my friends have gone out and bought physical copies of the DVDs, albums or whatever that I've lent them. I have also done the same as my shelves will testify. I haven't bought all admittedly but a fair proportion of them all the same. Maybe it is just me being cynical and middle aged but home taping didn't kill music after all, Pete Waterman and Simon Cowell did but only if you listen to the charts which I don't. If you listen to BBC6 Music (here) then you realise what great music there is about.
What got me started thinking about all this was the current madness single is released as an MP3 only and therefore will leave a gap in my collection, many others on the official site were miffed too but a few took the 'my band right or wrong' stance and just became insulting which is pointless and anti democratic, everyone should be able to opine rightly or wrongly without some Daily Star reading moron banging his chimp like knuckles on the keyboard in argument so I deleted the bookmark and don't plan to go back to the site. My beef is that when they wanted forty quid from us nothing was too good, the Norton Folgate box set was good value for money and I'll buy another for my mate at Christmas. But when it comes to providing a solid object for the paltry some of £1.79 no one thought it was worth the effort. It's like if I'd paid to see the aircraft at RNAS Yeovilton Air Day back in July and they'd just had some bloke walking past the crowd with pictures of the aircraft instead. It's a pity because Madness of old would bend over backwards to give you value for money and sometimes (more often than not), you'd get more than expected. There were always reasons to buy the 12" be it a remix or an extra track or two or free comic. The fan club as I'm sure many of you were aware was great value and was voted so back in the '80's. But then I suppose like everyone else the band and the management have succumbed to the 'Me' generation and are feathering the nests for retirement? I will of course buy the Madness book (here), the Suggs book (here) and the new Madness compilation (here) even though I have all the tracks. You can never really get over your first love can you? They cheat on you but you still throw money at them in an effort to get them to be wholly yours again but it's never the same. Despite it all you still yearn albeit with a bitter twang at the back of your mind.

Here's the music from a certain popular beat combo from Liverpool the stereo remasters. (ahem) For a clue here's a clue type clue. Certain amount of joy to be found as they are all on my ipod.


Mike said...

http://rapidshare.com/files/277234406/T_B_-_T_C_2_CD_RC.part1.rar Complete Roof top concert

http://rapidshare.com/files/277276713/TB_-_AHDN_R09_.rar A Hard Days Night

http://rapidshare.com/files/277288055/TB_-_AR_R09_.part1.rar Abbey Road

http://rapidshare.com/files/277303387/TB_-_BFS_R09_.rar For Sale

http://rapidshare.com/files/277314876/TB_-_H___R09_.rar Help

http://rapidshare.com/files/277325882/TB_-_LIB_R09_.rar Let It Be

http://rapidshare.com/files/277337376/TB_-_MMT__R09_.rar Magical Mystery Tour

http://rapidshare.com/files/277352455/TB_-_PM_R09_.part1.rar Past Masters

http://rapidshare.com/files/277430805/TB_-_PPM_R09_.rar Please Please Me

http://rapidshare.com/files/277440476/TB_-_R_R09_.rar Revolver

http://rapidshare.com/files/277450358/TB_-_SPLHCB_R09_.rar Sgt Pepper's

http://rapidshare.com/files/277461414/TB_-_TWA_R09_.part1.rar The White Album

http://rapidshare.com/files/277485991/TB_-_WTB_R09_.rar With The Beatles


Mike said...

Sorry forgot Rubber Soul.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well... Revolver is amazing in it's new stereo remastered state!!!

Mike said...

Yeah, it sounded amazing when I played it at work the other day loud in the warehouse. Rubber Soul and Pepper's do too.

KingSizeMong said...

Those are the three I have listened to so far.

Revolver is my fave Beatles album anyway and after decades of listening this comes along and improves it. The team that did the remaster did a great job.

LOVING the improved Tomorrow Never Knows a LOT.

Anonymous said...

The other side of the download story is mine. I've got over 4000 CDs and have totally stopped buying discs since discovering downloads. I bought a box set about 3 years ago and that was it. I had figured the only thing I would ever buy again was the Beatles reissues. Even put aside the bucks for them. When they hit the web a few days before release, I downloaded some because my curiousity got the best of me. I HAD to hear them. Now that I have... I'm not going to bother to buy them. Nothing against them, of course, but I could use the $200 elsewhere. I'm not on a mission to destroy the record companies or anything, I just don't want to pay anymore. It's selfish, theft and disrespectful to new bands, but I don't care. When I read folks say that they download AND buy, I know that some do, but I have to take it with a grain of salt, too. I bought albums since the 60s (had over 8000 at one point), bought CDs since the 80s and I VERY quickly got over the loss of artwork and details (the shitty art in CDs primed me for mp3s). Is downloading killing the industry? They lost a couple of thousand dollars a year from me alone. Just thought I'd chime in.

Anonymous said...

ps sorry... that was meant for the above post.

Mike said...

No problem post wherever you like. I don't think downloading is killing the industry there's always another generation of 'record' buyers coming along. Of course the record sales will drop off the further down the road we go because there are more and more things to compete for their money whereas when I was growing up I just had records and comics but now there's tonnes of stuff to pay for. Still I'll still buy the cds when I want them and blu-rays too but will prune my collection to just the bare minimum rather than tonnes of stuff I used to buy.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with anon above. I have spent tons of money on music over the years, vinyl, cassette, cd. I'm now on a $30/mo emusic membership and downloading plenty from blogs like this one. Mostly stuff I've owned in the past. I bought two of the Remastered fab four, and find that I prefer the purple chick mono versions.
I still got the rest of the stereo versions.
Btw check out the remix of tomorrow never knows on the Leftside Wobble blogsite. You'll be glad you did.
thanks for sharing. looking forward to digging through your archives.

Mike said...
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Mike said...

Thanks for the heads up, I personally prefer the stereo remasters but hey everyone has an opinion which is good. The Beatles still just piss all over every other band as far as I'm concerned.