20 Sep 2009

"Come on my friends, I would now like to propose a toast-
To the strength I see that's surrounding me and those who've cared,
Oh yes, I've been scared and I'm telling anyone who'll listen
I've seen what's on show and now there's no more to know,
Oh I've been there, I've seen there, I've seemed it, dreamed it,
Schemed it.
You see I know this to be true,
Now would I lie to you?
And I'm not waiting for approval from you."

Well it happened, I succumbed to the thrall that the mega pop star band Madness continue to hold me in. I am as we speak awaiting my ticket from the gig down the road. For the first time in several tours they are playing the B.I.C and I may be persuaded to part with some of my hardly earned and miss a payment on my 50" tv (unless I have saved enough by then that is). I've already started looking around for different providers of electrical goods. All I need to do is stay employed (some days are easier than others). One of these days one of the homeless scum will push me too far by stealing some of our crap. I chuck them out and new ones just come the next day. I really will write to the council with regards to my gas chamber plan or 'Final solution' as I like to call it. I mean let's be honest, life is all about choices. Obviously there are the right ones and the wrong ones.
Here's a story about me from my dark dank distant past in the dark ages (Norfolk in the Eighties). Picture the scene, I was fostered with a bunch of c*nts exactly twelve miles from anywhere. I was banned from seeing my old friends (not that that stopped me) I was made to walk twelve miles to Norwich job centre and back instead of the one four miles in the other direction for fear that I'd see my old 'ruffian friends' (ha if only you knew those three, I was the ruffian). With only a broken walkman with one tape of Mad Not Mad and Radio 2 the only station available and the grey and brown landscape flat as the prospects of a job for a school leaver with little or no qualifications and holes in his shoes. Now in the midle of the often cold days I'd be hungry due to the large amount of excercise I was being made to take and the quite often dull and windy weather around the North Norfolk countryside. I was permanently skint as the fosterers seemed to have thought I didn't need any. Picture the scene behind what was woolworths in Norwich and still is Marks & Spencer's and some jewellers I can't remember the name of is an alley way leading up to a multi storey car park and a short cut to the old job centre which was next to HMV down the road from the Theatre Royal. In the days before cctv I could have quite easily done over the little old lady and taken her purse full of notes. I don't know how much it was but there were a lot of brown and blue notes the corners of which were poking there noses out into the cold grey morning. I'm ashamed to say that the idea crossed my mind fleetingly, but I'm not ashamed that immediately I dismissed it. The woman was obviously unaware that I was there and I could have made a small fortune to me in those days. But she was someone's mother/grandmother/aunt and possibly I would have been caught and my life could have had a drastic change. The thing is to illustrate my point that if I can make the right decision and never regret it no matter how skint or hungry I may be I will not tolerate it in others. Despite the whole world getting more and more grey areas as we get older some things remain black and white. Always make the right decision. Apologies btw if I've told this tale before.

Music is Morrissey - The Mirabell Sessions and a repost of the Madness - Liberty of Norton Folgate boxset. Enjoy


Mike said...

http://rapidshare.com/files/285619803/Mass_-_Pracakeerf_____HackLiv_Corrt.rar Madness - LIberty of Norton Folgate Disk three (repost)

http://rapidshare.com/files/285631506/Ma--TLibeONortFol_FA_.rar Madness - The Liberty of Norton Folgate (repost)

http://rapidshare.com/files/285644894/Mo-ss-y-MiraSessi1994.rar Morrissey - Mirabell Sessions

gobshyte said...

hi mike.well i got the book today from the post office.its brilliant.many many thanks for sending that.there are some excellent photos in it.if i can ever send you anything like films etc just let me know.thanks again mate


Mike said...

Absolutely no problem, glad you enjoyed the book. I certainly enjoyed the bits I read when I was waiting for the tanks to go around Bovington tank day. Where I bought the book before you ask.

furrball said...

Can't seem to finish uploading the 3rd disc of Norton Folgate for some odd reason (the 11th track, to be specific). Darnit. Be that as it may (or "mayn't", as Doctor Who #2 said), enjoying what did unload immensely! Though they've never really been away... MADNESS ARE BACK!!!

Boy, are they EVER!!!

(Hopefully we'll get the film over here in the States...)

Mike said...

Let me know the tracks that you are missing and I'll do a repost.