18 Aug 2009

"Sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun.
If the sun don't come, you get a tan from
Standing in the English rain.
I am the eggman, they are the eggmen, I am the walrus,
goo goo gajoob ga goo goo gajoob."

At last the Bournemouth Air Festival is upon us. Yay I hear me cry. I've had the four days booked off for at least nine months or so. This is my window display what I did (it's better than working), I'm pretty chuffed with it although they made me put stock in the window too, sigh, not enough aeroplanes. I have in idea for next year (providing I'm working there of course) I want to add flashing LED lights to the planes. Although me being me they will have to be the correct colour in the correct position, after all any of the other shops doing a display did a few planes. But because I was a pedantic arse as usual I did nine planes because there are nine Red Arrows. There was a charity auction prize that I'd bought a few bits for but no one replied to my emails so I withdrew it as being paltry and not worth the entry. So if anyone wants a book on the Red Arrows, a Red Arrows mug and teddy bear then let me know via email and I'll send them to you for nowt.
I'll also post the links to the first three days' worth of my photos on Facebook I do need a better camera but these have come out alright I think. Most of them have been from right down on the shoreline, making my feet get a bit wetted every now and then. The Red Arrows are always a favourite of mine and I've lost count of the times I've seen them. I always remember them though. It would seem from the reaction of Friday's crowd that there are many others who appreciate their efforts as well judging form the spontaneous applause upon well executed manoeuvres. The Battle of Britain memorial flight made an appearance on Friday afternoon and was widely applauded too, a nice gesture but you have to ask why when they can't hear you. Anyhoo nice to be appreciated I suppose. In between texts from friends who were at work asking me how the airshow was I was enjoying the displays. I didn't expect to enjoy the wing walkers Team Guinot but I certainly did. It was an amazing show on the Thursday and even better with the lower winds on the Friday and with my better placement along the sea. The Blades were good too with, as you'd expect from Ex Red Arrow pilots, an excellent display in the late afternoon sunshine. Also I've finally seen it in action for the first time since the Eighties... the Vulcan. This is the third airshow I've been to where it was supposed to fly but couldn't due to a bit falling off, low batteries or something but by god when it roars overhead in the left hand bank it doesn't half go right through your chest. Speaking of which another first for me was the Eurofighter Typhoon which also packed a wallop. This had to be brought forward on the programme due to increasingly leaden skies. It only tipped down on the way home for half an hour so all in all it wasn't bad. The Thursday we only had one Black Cat display Lynx but two on the Friday. The Yaks were pretty good too. We had a fleeting flypast on Thursday from a Chinook but I suppose that they are in great demand lately in Afghanistan so it would upset the Daily Mail to have one frolicking about for the delight of the airshow fraternity. I haven't bothered with the stuff going on in the Gardens due to the fact that I'm skint and only go home to do everyone's tea for them. It would have been nice to share my day(s) with someone but I'm the only sad ass plane/car/tank nut that I know. Here's the photos day 1, day 2, Day 3 Plus if you go to YouTube you'll see some clips I took and posted.

Here's the music for you. Bad Manners - Live & Loud, Adam & The Ants - Antmusic (The Best Of), CRASS - Sheep Farming in the Falklands finally David Bowie - Low (remastered).

Bye for Now

1 Aug 2009

"She's going out tonight but drinking just champagne
And she has been checking nearly all the men
She's playing her game and you can hear them say

She is looking good, for beauty we will pay"

I'm quite chuffed to say the least, "why?" I hear you not ask because you don't care? Well I'll tell you anyway. It was recently pay day, a reason in itself to be happy for day at least, but also because I'd changed my phone number so no more 'missed calls' from some investment company or spam texts from someone wanting me to do the Irish lottery. But I'd managed to finally pay off my last debts (yay I hear you not cheer but I did it for you anyway). Then after I'd done that we had a really good day at work with regards to takings etc. Then we all went out for a very nice Chinese meal in the restaurant up the road from the shop and had a quite decent time. I had a hard time deciding on what to have and my mind changed itself more times than I can recount. The longer we had to wait for the other parties to arrive the more I'd pick up the menu and choose again. The main reason for it being a bloody good day though as that I have finally managed to use chopsticks without spraying my fellow diners with my rice or noodles. Although my assistant manager Rosie to my right managed to get rice on my left hand (she said it was sign of affection but quite frankly I only accept a hand down the trousers as a 'sign of affection') and supreme leader ...sorry, sales team leader Chris managed to order more than he could handle (please note chicken curry without rice is not a good idea nor is filling up on sweet and sour chicken balls first ...and vodka and coke doesn't take the sting out of a spicy curry dish ...as he found out). My main portion of sympathy is for Ben who decided to order something off the menu because "it sounded funny", Seafood Ho Fun, anyway I told him he reminded me of the scene in Mr Bean's Holiday where he orders food in the French restaurant not knowing what it is and is seen chewing on a lobster. However, I having managed to master chopsticks somewhat after the best part of forty years not being able to, was having a mild time and enjoying it, (I'm too old to have a wild time). I want to go again and nearly went on my own a couple of days later even though I was so chuffed that I began showing off and tried to get a Chicken ball in my mouth with the chopsticks this all went well until about two centimetres from my mouth and it made a bid for escape so I stabbed it with a single stick and drowning it in sweet and sour sauce and chomped the old choppers down then carried on shovelling the old chicken chow mein in me cakehole. For some reason as I sat at my laptop writing this afterwards, a pigeon (who had made the flight several times before without mishap) decided this was the time he'd get drunk and try to fly onto my roof above the bay window where I sit creating legendary literary drivel. To say he misjudged it would be an understatement. The roof was about two feet above my window unfortunately the pigeon was working in metric and the house was built in imperial. He flew into the top of my window pane and made me jump. He slid stunned onto the window ledge and fell over. By the time I'd gotten downstairs to see if he was alright some thirty seconds later the thing had completely disappeared making me wonder if I'd actually imagined it. I asked my landlord if he had heard it and he had but he thought it was me dropping my D.M.s off my feet at the end of a long day. Where the pigeon went I have no idea but I do have a pigeon smudge on my window to prove I wasn't imagining things. I mean if my imagination was that good I'd be constantly wrapped up in a threesome with Justine Frischman and Winona Ryder with Kate Humble on alternate weekdays and there'd be a hell of a mess.
Anyway here's the music for you. Max Romeo - War In A Babylon, Mikey Dread - Dread At The Controls, Mikey Dread - Dread At The Controls Dubwise Version, Lee 'Scratch' Perry - The Mighty Upsetter, Prince Buster - 70 Singles, Mark Foggo - Ska Pig That should keep you busy.