26 Jul 2009

"Drive to the forest in a Japanese car
The smell of rubber on country tar

Hindsight does me no good

Standing naked in this back of the woods

The cassette played pop tones"

I've decide that I'm going to go on holiday behind the old iron curtain, purely for the fact that whenever in my shop I see a really good looking woman from the old Soviet Bloc she is nearly always with some real ape like creature for a boyfriend. Nearly all the time you see this and it's sickening that the really attractive British women have higher standards... until it comes to money that is. But as Paul Weller sang "stop dreaming of the quiet life because it's the one we'll never know" which is true, unless the lotto gods smile upon my grumpy arse I'm never going to be rich. At the other end of the scale though I suppose that I could change my name to Dean or something and 'read' the Star 'Newspaper' over a full English breakfast whilst my girl'fiend' sits beside me with her size eighteen body crammed into a size 12 tracksuit with the word 'bench' across her arse and hair pulled back into a 'council estate facelift' ponytail and she's wearing large hoopy earrings that I refer to as stirrups and one of those jackets that have a short body and really long arms and furry hood. While our dirty faced baby screams for more Quavers and RedBull. Whilst she texts away to some other Chav bint into her phone and chews gum noisily. But then it would seem I have standards. Unlike many people I know. Anyhoo the thing is it's hard not to be jaded when you've been turned down by so many attractive women as I have (you know who you are). Their mistake and my good fortune as at least I have a PS3 and no mortgage, kids, hire purchase on the car, credit cards, but I do have lots of disposable income which I dispose of readily and rapidly. Well I say lots I'm talking figuratively of course buts it's fair to say that 50% of my income can be (and is) disposed of by me and thankfully not by the aforementioned made up but all too ubiquitous munter. Don't believe that people like this exist? Then by all means hang around Poole on a Saturday.

Anyway enough judgemental rantings here's the music for you. Firstly there's a requested repost of 'select cuts from blood and fire' then I've given you Orbital - 20 and finally the Blondie Singles box.



Mike said...


http://rapidshare.com/files/262975344/O_-_20.part1.rar Orbital - 20

http://rapidshare.com/files/262935754/B_-_SB.part1.rar Blondie - Singles Box

unity.gain said...

You seem to have uploaded the first part of the Orbital file twice.
Off to see them at The Big Chill in a couple of days - this would be a good one for the car..
Many thanks,

Mike said...

No just posted the same link twice :) Sorry it was late and I was tired here's the second link.


dewialun said...

Thanks for the blood and fire.
Enjoyed your picture of chav domesticity, especially the "quavers and red bull" quip....in fact the whole thing is verry funny

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the swell blog.
I've been here 2wice now & I really enjoy your pics & comments.
It's funny but I was watching wacky races & then came here & saw the pic. lol

Mike said...

Glad to be of service and you've reminded me to watch The Wacky Races that I downloaded.