26 Jul 2009

"Drive to the forest in a Japanese car
The smell of rubber on country tar

Hindsight does me no good

Standing naked in this back of the woods

The cassette played pop tones"

I've decide that I'm going to go on holiday behind the old iron curtain, purely for the fact that whenever in my shop I see a really good looking woman from the old Soviet Bloc she is nearly always with some real ape like creature for a boyfriend. Nearly all the time you see this and it's sickening that the really attractive British women have higher standards... until it comes to money that is. But as Paul Weller sang "stop dreaming of the quiet life because it's the one we'll never know" which is true, unless the lotto gods smile upon my grumpy arse I'm never going to be rich. At the other end of the scale though I suppose that I could change my name to Dean or something and 'read' the Star 'Newspaper' over a full English breakfast whilst my girl'fiend' sits beside me with her size eighteen body crammed into a size 12 tracksuit with the word 'bench' across her arse and hair pulled back into a 'council estate facelift' ponytail and she's wearing large hoopy earrings that I refer to as stirrups and one of those jackets that have a short body and really long arms and furry hood. While our dirty faced baby screams for more Quavers and RedBull. Whilst she texts away to some other Chav bint into her phone and chews gum noisily. But then it would seem I have standards. Unlike many people I know. Anyhoo the thing is it's hard not to be jaded when you've been turned down by so many attractive women as I have (you know who you are). Their mistake and my good fortune as at least I have a PS3 and no mortgage, kids, hire purchase on the car, credit cards, but I do have lots of disposable income which I dispose of readily and rapidly. Well I say lots I'm talking figuratively of course buts it's fair to say that 50% of my income can be (and is) disposed of by me and thankfully not by the aforementioned made up but all too ubiquitous munter. Don't believe that people like this exist? Then by all means hang around Poole on a Saturday.

Anyway enough judgemental rantings here's the music for you. Firstly there's a requested repost of 'select cuts from blood and fire' then I've given you Orbital - 20 and finally the Blondie Singles box.


12 Jul 2009

"She came from Planet Claire
I knew she came from there
She drove a Plymouth Satellite
Faster than the speed of light"

Well, Yeovilton was a tad disappointing in some ways due to the low cloud cover and limited what are referred to as 'flat' displays. That is to say that the displays were without any height in them, shame. Even the Red Arrows were limited to only two or three flypasts in different formations. Still it could have been worse I suppose? It may have rained incessantly all day instead of right at the end. I was with a couple of friends and apart from the arsehole I nearly had a fight with when he stood right in front of me when I was shooting a frame only to take loads of shots in a seemingly never ending stream. I think he was a professional photographer but still he shot off when I spoke up. Imagine if you will that you are a short arsed man in his fifties taking snap after snap of an AH-Mk1 Apache having been fully aware of the fact you've just stepped in front of someone as he was about to take his. The you hear a restrained but angry voice akin to the gravelly growl of a pissed off Clint Eastwood coupled with the vocabulary of a Samuel L Jackson character saying after a few minutes "are you going to be long Mother Fucker?" You then turn around to see an angry middle aged ex skinhead with a headache and you depart. Still, all that aside we had a good time despite the weather and the over priced food. I was impressed by the lady sailor who said to some kids "come down to our Navy day and see where the sailors eat, work and sleep" To which my ears attuned to like radar on an aircraft she was a bit attractive to put it mildly. All day I had the feeling that I'd wished I'd joined the Navy instead of the Army. But there you go despite the fact that at 40 I'd be a better soldier/sailor/airman than I was at 19 I find myself wondering what if?... Never mind I'm at least only going to die on CoD 4 rather than in real life. Anyway despite the fact that we got wet at the end and true to my British nature during the only five minutes of sunshine (literally). As soon as the sun made even the slightest hint that it may have poked it's head through the cloud I shed my jacket and sprayed myself and several people around me with Ambre Solaire factor 15. I was determined to use it I'd paid twelve quid for it dammit. It was probably my fault as I'd bought the stuff for the first time in 40 years. It smelt of oranges I discovered after about three quarters of an hour wondering where the smell of oranges was coming from. I did enjoy seeing the Apache close up and fall in love with it. I wonder how long before I get enough pennies together...? No no be good 50" tv first. I'm still umming and aahing about applying for the Naafi job in Afghanistan, but I'd get fired for spending all my time playing in the military equipment like a five year old in his dad's car. Yet again I've to see the Vulcan (XH558) flying as they always call in sick whenever I'm around to see them, do I make them nervous possibly? Hopefully the Bournemouth air show will have them. Sad bastard that I am I already have the vantage point already selected and my route to it too. After all it is only a month away.
You can enjoy some of my better photos which are on facebook here and Bovington Tank Day 2009 here hope you enjoy them. Next year I plan to have a better camera although there was nothing wrong with the Fuji S9600 I did get a bit of camera envy with some of those nice Canon EOS 450d etc. there ooh those were really nice cameras and great lenses. No no be good 50" tv first.
Anyway here's the music firstly I've posted Club Ska '67 which was always a favourite in my vinyl collecting days and then I've posted a large 15 CD eighties compilation. Enjoy

7 Jul 2009

"I request, that the best of our minds,
be impressed to repent of their crimes.
For the truth, is there all for to see.
What can be said in defence of man's tyranny?"

It must be said that I truly enjoyed the tank festival in Bovington again this year. Although I was asked to keep the noise down as they couldn't hear the tanks over the bacon-esque sizzlings of my forearms in the open skies. I should learn never to believe any forecast that I hear saying that it will be showery all day. But I have learnt from this though, as being burnt for the second year in a row will tend to drive a message home with me. I have done something that I have never done in forty long and dull years of being on this earth ... yes I have bought sun block. I haven't ever bought sun block before not out of the need to be like those casualties you see on TV progs where they are resembling radishes in football shirts and flip flops, mainly because I don't usually sit in the sun if I can help it, it was just that the tanks were very interesting to look at. More so when hurtling around the arena than sitting static in the large and newly refurbished museum. Now sometime later I have finally stopped shedding dead skin all over my flat and shop I'm feeling slightly less ashamed of my forearms which at times made me look like Ben Hur's mother. Next stop Yeovilton Airday but this time hopefully no skin like leather covered in cornflakes. This will probably be because it will now rain and my sun block will end up in the back of the cupboard until it runs out of the use by date, just like all the condoms I have ever bought :( . Unless it stays fine for the four days where I go to the sea front and stare into the sky for four hours a day (Bournemouth Air Show Link). You see to get me to go anywhere on holiday you have to have a smattering of military hardware lying around. My ideal destination would be that Davis monthan AFB (link) (Vid Link) in the desert somewhere where all the mothballed aircraft are. Just me my camera and a some bottles of coke and I'd be as happy as a pig in shit. Mind you there is always the US ordanance museum (link)(honestly you should see my Google Earth it's like a map of nothing but friends' houses and military installations / museums). The picture above all this inane ramblings comes from a M4A1 Sherman in the Bovington collection although I tried to claim it had my name on it therefore it belonged to me they failed to see my point of view, this is why I should never sit in the sun. SO with that in mind maybe I shouldn't go to Davis Monthan AFB as I'd have a lot of obsolete aircraft in my back garden and be back in debt again.

The music today is all the Nutty Sounds I could find Volumes 1 - 5. These are repost requests so I do get around to them eventually.