7 Jun 2009

"We are driving on the Autobahn
In front of us is a wide valley
The sun is shining with glittering rays
The driving strip is a grey track
White stripes, green edge
We are switching the radio on
From the speaker it sounds:
We are driving on the Autobahn"

Well, it must be said that amongst the visits to the cinema recently, my work, my PS3 and downloading shit loads of digital media of all kinds I have summarily failed in my bid to become a writer of anything other than shopping lists. This is mainly due to my lack of discipline and wholehearted laziness I want to collate all these hundreds of scraps of paper into some sort of order but like I say I'm easily distracted. The next few months shouldn't help either as I have to go to Tank Fest '09, Yeovilton Air show and Bournemouth Air Show. Damn those lottery gods!!!! I need to be well enough off so that I can concentrate on my writing (or more likely play more on the PS3). I have been to the cinema more this month than I had in the previous year. Watchmen wasn't bad but will never be as good as the graphic novel. Terminator Salvation was immense and by far the best film I've seen in quite a while. Star Trek however I suppose was too much of a fan of the original series to enjoy it fully? I suppose if I watch it again without being more concerned about whether the disabled man would be able to get back in the room again once I'd let him out I may enjoy it more, that and the twat in the front who didn't seem to be able keep the decibels down on the popcorn he was chewing. The thing is I never have my rifle on me when I need it. I must have missed at least thirty homeless in the last week alone. Mind you with the £5.20 I won on the Euro Lottery this week at least my plans for world domination are slowly coming to fruition so it's not all doom and gloom soon I shall have my gas chambers and work camps. Well on that kind of budget the death camps sorry ahem, rehabilitation camps the huts would be made out of cardboard and the Zyklon B would in fact be Wilkinson's own brand talcum powder but still, it's a start.

Anyway here's the music firstly I've found a copy of Tricky's first album Maxinquaye which for me was a bit of a lost classic. Also I've uploaded for your delight Ashes to Ashes Second series soundtrack, Various Artists - Dancehall '63 (Ska). Lastly you have The Best of Prince. Enjoy.


Mike said...

http://rapidshare.com/files/247503376/P_-_TVBoP.part1.rar Prince - The Very Best of

http://rapidshare.com/files/248995815/T_-_M.rar Tricky - Maxinquaye

http://rapidshare.com/files/249004526/VA_-_D_63.rar Various Artists - Dancehall '63

http://rapidshare.com/files/249015109/VA_-_ATAS2_-_OS.rar Various artists - Ashes to Ashes Soundtrack Series 2

Mac said...

Bournemouth air show eh? hmmm, looks kind of good that

Mike said...

It should be, after all it's my favourite event due to the fact its free. (my favourite price)

Jon said...

I visit your great blog from time to time - very entertaining. I did a search on your site for 'biscuit', as I'm looking to replace my CD full of Half Man Half Biscuit MP3s that broke a couple of days ago, and you'd be surprised at how many mentions of biscuits came up. It's good to see you've got your priorities in the right place.

Mike said...

I'm glad to be of service. Quite often I can be heard playing HMHB loudly in my warehouse at work.