19 Jun 2009

"I'm adaptable
Now I like my new role
I'm getting better and better
I have a new goal
I'm changing my ways
Where money applies
This is not a love song"

As the headline lyric suggests I feel that I'm getting better at handling my money. Not least because I reeeeeeeeaaaaaally want the 50" tv I've set my blood pump on (prepare your drool link). It will, thanks to the summer season being one were I'm going to lots of events, take about three months to save up. On the bright side it will look shit hot with the PS3 on it. For a start I may be able to read the font on PSN without sitting three feet away from my 28" 16:9 CRT TV. All of this is providing that I can manage to stay in employment rather than get totally enraged by some shoplifting scum or some dumbass customer who will no doubt incur my wrath and then it's Hulk Smash!!! After the tv I've made a list of all the gadgets I want, I really should stop watching Geekbrief.tv but then it's a devious person who decided to get an incredibly beautiful woman to wave gadgets in my face via my iPod. I went off her slightly though when I found out she was happily married and loved Jeebus Chrust too. Mind you I have got my great big little sister's birthday coming up, but even though she sent me a tenner for my 40th coupled with a note saying "it's not much but it's better than a cheese sandwich." Come August I will send a Tenner, cheese sandwich with a note saying "The difference between us is that I send the cheese sandwich as well." Petty? Me? I'd like to point out to any person expecting a big present this christmas is to be sorely disappointed I'm afraid. Maplin gift tokens all round I'm afraid. Unfortunately there's nothng much to buy in Maplins, I know after all, sadly I work for them. Well that's probably a mite unfair, he adds in case someone should reach for my P45 before I save for my new tv, there's just nothing I would want... apart from some of the women that walk past the big windows.

Here's the music, this time it's Every Morrissey single, b side and extra track from his solo career from 1988 to 2008.


Mike said...

http://rapidshare.com/files/252772544/M-S_EP88-08.part01.rar --- Morrissey Singles

carlo243 said...

links are down.SOOOO Bad.Couls you Re-up??