1 May 2009

"Was chilled to the bone
At 8am On a Bournemouth morn
There was a drum deck
Outside room 51
Two nights before
Bristol ball
A runner took backdrop, exit hall

I'm getting overrun by tanks, I made the mistake of subscribing to the DeAgostini 'Combat Tanks' magazine not stopping to think that I didn't really have the room for the little plastic models. I suppose either of two options will happen #1. I'll make room or #2. My Nephew will receive a large box of toy tanks in the near future. I'd rather have a real tank though to tell the truth. Sometimes I think it's because I want to drive over the area manager's skull just to voice my disdain at his bullshit two half hour breaks edict which I have refused to take for the last 7 months or so. Other times it's because I want to drive around in a tank at the Tank Fest 2009 as it looked so much fun last year, I'm so sad I have the videos of last year on my iPod. I'm also off to Yeovilton air day with a couple of friends later on in the year. This may not be of interest to you but hey I find it much more interesting than sitting around watching 'Celebrity come dancing on ice has talent' or some such inane drivvel. Mind you I haven't watched my TV for ages now apart from the odd hour here and there. If it wasn't for Top Gear, Match of the Day or Time Team I'd not bother turning the damn thing on apart to play the PS3 or watch my downloaded shows. My landlord downstairs hasn't watched the TV for over six months. In fact he only tuned the freeview box on to partake in the recent retune. There isn't a great deal on really is there? It can honestly be said that I spend most of my time in the second world war though. What with the (rough estimate) 150 books I own, the several hundred games, myriad movies or documentaries and rapidly growing number of model tanks. Still it would be a better place if we could all just shoot people in the face that we didn't like... or in my case on Call of Duty World at War, fry everyone in sight with a flame thrower. Regular readers will no doubt have read of my wibbling on about all the Medal of Honours I have played and completed. And would like to apologise for the late arrival of this current post but blame the makers of CoD WaW right, whilst I'm off to do battle in the Reichstag (again) you can enjoy the current uploads.

I've uploaded Black Sabbath - Paranoid, Madness - Practice makes perfect (rerepost) and the 2 Tone story. Enjoy.... now where did I put my flame thrower?


Mike said...

http://rapidshare.com/files/234344595/3rd.rar ---- Madness - Practice makes perfect (disk 3 from boxset)
http://rapidshare.com/files/234364074/BS_-_P.rar ---- Black Sabbath - Paranoid
http://rapidshare.com/files/234389855/VA-T2TS.part1.rar ---- Various Artists - The 2 Tone Story

SERENITY said...

Hi Mike,
post a photo of a Soviet T34 if they send you it, one of my all time favs :-).

As a hardcore gaming type, one of the offspring would quite like an X-Box 360 Elite, i've heard rumours that they tend to spend a lot of time in the menders, what are your thoughts on the subject?.

Mike said...

Well, going from what my XBox 360 owning landlord has said, they sorted out any problems for the main part apparently. I think that speaking for myself if the truth were known the people that send their consoles back for repair didn't keep them well ventilated and dust free, that's if the state of some of our products that come back to my shop can be held up as an example.

As for the T-34 I have several shots of one up close and personal from last year's Tank Fest (going again this year) if you want them send me an email.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, you're the best! I love your blog and I love your taste in music!

Yesterday in the pub, a friend of mine threw up the question: how did they call this typical Madness way of walking? Neither of us could remember. We came up with 'skanking' or 'nutty walk', but we still believe there was another name for it. Do you remember it? Or have we all gone crazy and was there never a name to the Madness walk?

I hope you don't mind I'm asking you, just thought you might know it. And please excuse my bad English.

Big hug, Sandra

Mike said...

Hi Sandra,
Never mind your bad English it's probably better than any of the languages I've ever tried to learn over the many long years of my existance. I have always know the Madness walk (I assume you are referring to the cover of One Step beyond and the video of same and Grey Day etc here?) I believe it started as a way of making fun of Mr. Barson's walking style and was known as the "Nutty Train".

PS Thanks for the big hug too.

Anonymous said...

Nutty train, that's it!!! I knéw there was a name for it - although I started to have serious doubts when nobody seemed to remember. ;-)

Many thanks, Sandra

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
Thanks for the repost of TLONF Disc 3. :)

Mike said...

That's ok, number 5 in the album charts too. Hmmmm downloading is killing music.

Anonymous said...

I'll second that Mike! Wicked blog mate.

Many thanks for the 3rd 'Norton Folgate' disc from me, too.

Cheers, Neil!

Mike said...

No problem.