4 May 2009

"They don't fight, they look just right
In their tonics and button downs
If you see them around, don't put them down
They're the coolest guys in town"
I truly believe we have become a spoilt and decadent society. Not just because politicians are raping the public coffers for all they are worth only to have to pay it back and be "very sorry" but only once the public outrage reached biblical levels . Not even because little Jordan or Chardonnay Chav from the estate has to have the latest phone/trainers/games console only to have it appear in Cash Converters the very next week. My main concern is that all the homeless/drunkards/Big Issue sellers I see as I stare out of my large shop windows whilst gainfully employed (hey it's a living) all have very nice mobile phones, nicer than mine too. Now call me picky if you like but years ago the local tramp in our village felt himself blessed if he had enough money for a pint and/or a paper. Let alone sometimes we kids would share our portions of chips with the old feller. I know that I have in the past been slightly 'anti' the odd homeless or two, but lets not get bogged down with who threw who out of who's shop for attempted shoplifting or who advocated the sending to work camps and the gassing of whom. I mean how much can the credit crunch be hurting people if the lowest members of society have the accoutrements of the middle classes? How long until I see one of them pull up to his painted spot to stand on in his car? Sooner or later one of them will be overheard as he converses with a fellow seller about his summer in Tuscany? Maybe because it's because I'm bitter about having to deal with the latest scrote in my shop whom I found stealing the other day? How I don't punch people I will never understand. His drunken logic to why I stopped him was he "was just holding it". "Yes, just holding it inside your bag sir" was my reply. Then he counters with "why would I even want it?" "I don't know you tell me you were the one who was stealing it" I retort. I hate retail. All that and my favourite person failed to come to see me when visiting the town like she said she would what a crap week.
Still, on a brighter note here's the latest upload from yours truly. Quickly has a rummage through his external hard drive,
Right here goes. We have Paul Weller - Hit Parade, Japan - Oil On Canvas and finally PJ Harvey - Jungle Queen Demos. Hope you enjoy them.


Mike said...

http://rapidshare.com/files/239012896/J-OOC.rar Japan - Oil On Canvas
http://rapidshare.com/files/239024008/PJ_H_-_J_Q__D_.rar PJ Harvey - Jungle Queen Demos
http://rapidshare.com/files/239037414/PW-HP.part1.rar Paul Weller - Hit Parade

Anonymous said...

original man, japan, right on.. thanky, z'wan

Anonymous said...

Hey mister Mike,
Do you have the new Madness single Dust Devil, and if so will you please upload it? I can't get ahold of of a copy here in the U.S. and I really want the cover of The Roadette Song. Also many thanks once again for disc 3 of TLONF. Thanks for all the great music actually.