23 Apr 2009

"It's getting near dawn,
When lights close their tired eyes.
I'll soon be with you my love,
To give you my dull surprise.
I'll be with you darling soon,
I'll be with you when the stars start falling.
'The dream factory' (i.e. where I write this crap)

As you can see from the photo above 'the dream factory' is a mite untidy. Untidy desk tidy mind I was always told, so not wanting to prove people wrong... My laptop continues to be the workhorse as you can tell what with it being connected up to all my USB peripherals, several not shown as I was tidying up (can't you tell?) and had unplugged them. Basically this was me trying out new lenses for my D-SLR... playing some might say... with my new toys. I do love my gadgets and probably kept the economy going by myself for a few months as a result with all the spending I did. Maybe I should save up for a bit? I could get myself a hooker or two as I have been disappointed on my birthday for the last ooh let's say thirty nine of the last forty years not to have had a hooker bought for me or at the very least a topless brunette jump out of my giant cake. And this year was no different. At least I'll be able to bolt on another USB product from the hard drive I'm getting from my mate, thankfully this will give me somewhere to put the seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer I downloaded recently, freeing up several gigs on my laptop. I really am a nerd aren't I? I dare not even mention the four seasons of Star trek Enterprise I have ... oh dear. It was a strange birthday this year, I was the birthday boy and I gave away the goodies (not in a sexual way, although I was as willing as ever). I mean here I was with my one present, £10 and no sexual favours whatsoever and I gave away a dvd recorder and three Buffy DVD box sets I had lying around spare. Some big milestone, just another day really. I don't know why I get my hopes up as the wizened old bearded toothless hag downstairs always says, "expect nothing and never be disappointed" Once again the bastard's right. I shall remember this next year and when buying presents for everyone else could this be the start of my career of evil?... Nah probably not, it just means everyone else is getting book tokens from now on.
The downloads this post are Lost Property (link) which was a personal favourite compilation of mine. Then I'm going to give you the complete Half Man Half Biscuit Peel Sessions. Finally I'll give you Eek-A-Mouse - Wa Do Dem. Also by the time this is posted there'll be a new link for the Liberty of Norton Folgate (full album) .

5 Apr 2009

"Workin' all week with Barso driving the van
Filled with old lawnmowers and petrol cans

And by day just a working machine

But by night a cosmic, electric, boogie limousine"

I have to say that life is good at present, I've got my birthday coming up (17th April) and it is okay at work at the moment. I put my iPod on and go up into the warehouse upstairs to do the work needed and blast out my sounds. The main album being played at the moment is the new Madness one (the Liberty Of Norton Folgate) and the new Morrissey one (Years of Refusal). Both of which have my partially undivided attention. I have been getting into my Jazz recently too, a little bit of Miles Davis' The birth of Cool and Kind of Blue being the current favourites. then sometimes I'll swing the other way (only musically speaking) and stonk out some AC-DC, Nirvana or something else loud and disturbing for the guys in the Animal store next door whether they want it or not. It also confuses my colleagues as I play such random music they can't pigeon hole my tastes. I'm also enjoying work currently due to the large amount of beautiful foreign student ladies knocking around Bournemouth lately. I would offer my services to teach them the words "penis" & "insertion" amongst others. They in turn would teach me their languages, specifically the words for "fuck off sad boy" and "help Police!" So we'd all learn something. I may not be the world's most educated man but who better to learn English from? I'm about as English as a Pork pie wearing a pin stripe suit & Doctor Marten's whilst eating crumpets and drinking tea. Don't get me wrong I'm not 'English' in a "I drive a white van can't spell or read eat nothing but crap from Lidl and go home to my fat wife in leggings and scrawny dirty ill educated JJB sportswear wearing kids whilst avoiding getting my knuckles wet as I drag them along the ground and think that the Daily Star is gospel I don't like them darkies wot come over here and steal our jobs" kind of way but I am pretty set in my ways don't like hot weather that much and I think I am better than most other people in the world and quietly tut as they do things I don't approve of and hope they'll apologise and stop. I must be in with a chance with someone of the opposite sex though, most of the women you see often have a boyfriend in tow that could only be described as a 'gorilla after botched facial surgery'. Whilst they in turn are gorgeous. It makes no sense whatsoever, unless of course it's to prove me wrong and there is a god & he's picking on me.
Anyway enough blathering (I was going to put enough blasphemy but, you can never have enough blasphemy). Here's what you really came for. The music this time is Dr Alimantado -Best Dressed Chicken In Town followed by King Tubby - Dub Gone Crazy then Junior Murvin - Police & Thieves last but not least the one you've all been waiting for (judging by the impatient emails etc. ) Madness - Practice makes perfect (disk three from the boxset).


4 Apr 2009

"I get up in the evening and I ain't got nothing to say
I come home in the morning I go to bed feeling the same way
I ain't nothing but tired Man I'm just tired and bored with myself
Hey there baby, I could use just a little help"

I was thinking the other day that for every silver lining there's a cloud. I mean there I was at work actually doing something I enjoy (I.E. painting not retail work). The sun was streaming it's golden joyfulness through the open fire doors whilst I slapped some paint on the walls (and floor) I was mostly left to my own devices & got on with the job in hand, John Peel shows were blaring out throughout the warehouse via my iPod and I was full of a certain light creamy cream cheese baguette and coffee so like I say life wasn't at all bad. I'd managed six walls with two coats, 1 Door glossed, 18 feet of skirting board glossed, the canteen wall repaired & a large wall about 18 feet square repainted a very nice blue, two notice boards and six coat hooks all put up in one day. I did quite a nice job even if I do say so myself (and I do... often). I even did all the prep work before painting too, I'm not some old slap and dash merchant me! Basically I wasn't bored once & I never looked at my watch at all for the whole day. Neither had I spent all day staring out the window looking forlornly at all the attractive women who don't know I exist. I even for once got a nice lunch, I came home without too much waiting around for a bus, had a nice Tesco ring donut with a great cup of tea and enjoyed the rest of the warm spring evening. But there's always a smelly fart in the lift as they say. The only thing to spoil the whole day was a "we know where you live and are sending round the leg breakers" letter from the bank bastards at Abbey Nazional. It's my own fault I suppose? Perhaps with hindsight (which is always 20/20) I shouldn't have spent £120 on graphic novels but in my defence it was tax credits and therefore free money and would have only been wasted on some war or other. Don't think of it as several special edition graphic novels in very nice hard back editions think of it as one less artillery shell. But there you go what's did is did. Besides if it weren't for them I would have been out of debt two and a half years before I was so they can sit and swivel as we used to say at school. They didn't spoil my day, I refused to let them. In fact the only way the day could have been any better was if I'd gotten to do that thing where a man and a woman, who love each other very much, (or are very drunk and regret it in the morning) and the man puts his oojymaflip in the lady's whaddjacallit and they make babies until he rolls over knackered and farts before falling asleep leaving the lady slightly disappointed. But you can't have everything can you?
Anyway enough drivel here's the music firstly we've got Devil Hopping by the Inspiral Carpets, then I've given you the very good album which I've rediscovered St Etienne - Foxbase Alpha and finally the full Madness - Liberty of Norton Folgate which finally arrived through my door. Links, as ever in the comments