10 Mar 2009

"I'm writing this to say
In a gentle way
Thank You ...
I will live my life as
I ... want
For whether you stay
Or you stray
An inbuilt guilt catches up with you"

Hi Upsetterfans. Here's the thing, in the last few years or so I've gone through some changes. Some might say better late than never, be that as it may I'll let you in on one of the lessons learnt. I know this maybe futile as advice is often given but seldom taken. I know some people are going through a lot of stuff that seems important right now. I look at my Facebook and Myspace 'friends' and see the comments put up and I see they worry about this that or the other and for what? More grey hairs? Early baldness? The one main thing I've gained over the last few seemingly endless years is that none of it really matters. In the end whether you feel unloved or are out of work or think that you'll never get a girlfriend or anything like that doesn't matter. Only to yourself. Problems are only problems if that's all that you think about. I know that I didn't always think this way, you only have to re-read this blog for the last few years (if you dare) to see this. But I've come to realise that if I never get a relationship with that beautiful brunette lady who fills my heart with butterflies, stirs my loins and ties up my tongue, If I never get that Sunseeker yacht or Aston Martin DB9 and big house it doesn't matter to anyone but me no more than it would to me if a monkey gets eaten by a lion in Africa or a woman gets knocked over by a car in Japan. I tend not to worry about things that may not be. Don't get me wrong if the very nice lady that I like decided that she'd rather be with me than some bloke in a better job and a bigger bank balance then I'd naturally love it, obviously. Maybe in another life if the Buddhists are correct I'd get her and the life I'd want? Maybe, maybe not that's a lesson I'll hopefully have to wait a long time to find out about. I'll just sit back and have a cup of tea and know that they'll all miss out on the best and most loyal man they'll never know.....If that doesn't sound too conceited (I used to have an inferiority complex you know? I used to think I was the same as everybody else ;) )
Here's the music, firstly I've upped Prince Buster's Fabulous Greatest Hits, Then we have Pulp - Different Class, Various - Mojo presents Heavy Mod and lastly St. Etienne - Smash The System Singles 1990 - 1999. Enjoy them as much as I do when I do in my warehouse at work. (I.E Loud!!!!!!!!!!)

P.S If anyone hasn't already, go over to Cassettes & Chocolate milk and download the podcasts they are great.


Mike said...

Saint Etienne - Smash The System Singles 1990-99 - http://rapidshare.com/files/213119503/StE-_STSS.rar

Prince Buster - FABulous greatest Hits - http://rapidshare.com/files/213133967/PB_-_FABGH.rar

Pulp - Different Class - http://rapidshare.com/files/213125887/P-DC.rar

Various Artists - Mojo Presents Heavy Mod - http://rapidshare.com/files/213140605/VA_-_MPHM.rar

Eleanor said...

These social networking sites tend to bring out a distinct sort of vanity, don't they Upsetter? I'm (un?)lucky enough not to be "online friends" with anybody I have destructively lovelorn feelings for. If I did, I'm sure I would be far more poised and far more guarded then I could ever stand. Yet even so, I'm reluctant to display my true feelings on anything, especially my blog. It's why I don't update it as frequently as I would otherwise want to. I would be a compounded ball of anxiety if I let the world know how badly I feel.. and as you know, that sort of an attitude doesn't really impress anyone. At least not the sort of people you miss.

But thank you Upsetter for your link and your kind words. I remember visiting your blog for ages and ages, thinking that you would really take to what I did but I knew it'd be almost impossible to get your attention, haha! But now I have, I am flattered. I shall endeavour to make more podcasts :)

Mike said...

Unfortunately my 'destructively lovelorn feelings' are all that I have. You should see the posts I don't put out. :) I look forward to the next podcasts.