19 Mar 2009

"I left the North
I travelled South
I found a tiny house
And I can't help the way that I feel
Oh yes, you can kick me
And you can punch me
And you can break my face
But you won't change the way I feel
'Cause I love you"

Finally, I got my iPod I've been promising myself for ages and sexy though it is I wouldn't take it out of the house until I'd got the screen protector and rubber S&M gimp mask for it. It stayed in my room ensconced for three days in it's original box as it if it were the ark of the covenant itself. It only emerged to be synced up with my iTunes. It is now as individual as I am with regards to all the stuff I've crammed on it. I've still only used about 20gb of it's 120gb capacity. It's just nice to not have to listen to some dumbass on the bus every time I want to travel to and from work. With comments like "my boyfriend made me tapioca last night, I don't know what was in it, but he put jam on it. It was disgustin' well it was alright but I didn't like it." I tell you sometimes it's just like travelling on a bus full of Mensa candidates. I haven't felt my I.Q drain away as quickly that since I was forced to watch "I'm a nobody get me back on the telly" when Mylene Klass won it. I suppose it was better than the blow by blow (if you'll excuse the unintentional pun) account of one girl's sexual encounter with her boyfriend who she only did it with because she seemingly didn't really like him apperently, not that I listened intentionally you understand but even the driver at the front was driving with his hands over his ears so as not to hear. I'll spare you the full extent of it, mainly because it's been so long for me now I've forgotten what most of the words mean. But it was not the sort of conversation you'd normally have had on a bus at full volume. What happened to women? Why have they stopped being nice? I blame the moment society started advertising for ... looks sideways and speaks quietly out of corner of mouth) ...'women's products' on telly. Once they started advertising those ... 'women's products' the floodgates opened (so to speak). Firstly, as I understand these things, once a month a lady would pour blue liquid into these ... 'women's products'... and then go horse riding, rock climbing and sky diving. Now, not content with that they have to be on telly talking in restaurants about being bloated and having hard stools.....well bloody move to a different chair then... or have I misunderstood again? If these people were men they'd just fart like a docker and laugh about it and/or come out of the toilet having 'unloaded breakfast' leaving teeth marks in the back of the door saying "If I were you I'd leave it for a few minutes" Problem solved. I miss those nice ladies that used to be on tv.
Anyway here's the music for you let's see what do I have in my magical sack (ooer) of music? Hmmm How about The Style Council - The Cost Of Loving, The Jam - Setting Sons and Bad Manners - Forging Ahead. Enjoy.


Mike said...

Bad Manners - Forging Ahead - http://rapidshare.com/files/213816693/BM-FA.rar

The Jam - Setting Sons - http://rapidshare.com/files/213828105/TJ-SS1979_.rar

The Style Council - The Cost Of Loving - http://rapidshare.com/files/213836294/TSC-TCoL.rar

Mac said...

I am now a victim of tea coming out nose while laughing.

Mike said...

Glad to be of service. :)