19 Feb 2009

"Just a-walking in the sunshine,
Try to keep from going under,
I think I`ll drink a little red wine,
Ain`t no use to sit and wonder."

You know it's no wonder I get annoyed with things in life. There I was under the impression that I'd won a competition in T3 magazine for a 32" LCD, PS3 and a copy of Mirror's edge. I entered via text which is not something I usually do. I received a text back saying "congratulations you're a winner why not celebrate your genius by visiting T3.com" Ooh I thought I could do with a new telly and the PS3 could be a great Chrimbo present for someone later in the year.... or just a spare for me in case I break mine again. I waited for the requisite 28 days like it said in the rules, then I hadn't heard anything by two weeks after so I contacted the editor, he passed me onto the assistant Editor who in turn passed me onto the Competitions person. She said she'd look into it. 24 hours later I got three emails from each member of staff saying unfortunately the text system is a "bit archaic and occasionally there is a glitch in the system & sorry you haven't won". Oh that's nice I thought here's me with a message saying "congrats you've won" only to be told that I hadn't. They wished me good luck in any future competitions. Which was nice, unfortunately there won't be anymore competitions as after nearly ten years or so of being an avid reader I am not buying the mag anymore. I suppose it just goes to show that you never get anything for free.
Still it has made me more determined to save up for myself and get a bigger TV than the won I lost in an 'Al Gore' type way. If I may be allowed to slip into the vernacular? Bollocks to 'T3' magazine and any competition the second rate mag may run in the future, scousers will have the Sun newspaper in their houses before I buy another copy.... and breath. That off my chest I can rest easy with my cup of tea, wagon wheel and copy of Stuff magazine. A far superior gadget and technology magazine. My PS3 will be graced by a big LCD tv later this year. After I buy an iPod.

Anyway here's the music The Small Faces - The Ultimate Collection, Various Artists - All Things '60's Mod, finally Bauhaus - Singles 1979 -1983. Enjoy.

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Mike said...

http://rapidshare.com/files/202802533/TSF_-_TUC.part1.rar The Small Faces - The Ultimate Collection

http://rapidshare.com/files/202818242/VA-ATM.rar Various Artists - All Things Mod

http://rapidshare.com/files/202829990/B_-_BS1979-1983__Vol1.rar Bauhaus - Singles 1979 - 1983