3 Feb 2009

"A healthy depression fuels the aggression,
I can’t stand the suspense so I’m hitting the floor,
An all round slump is tempting my pump to
Spray a little lead through a plate glass door."

As Dr Strange from Marvel comics might say "By the enchanted soiled under crackers of Ummammu the portents are cloudy ...at best." At the start of the year I read as many of my horriblescopes as I could, you know those ones? They all start off telling you how "indecisive you were the previous year but how you have it within you to fulfil your hearts desire if only you'd try, Uranus is in the ascendancy" etc... Only you swear that you read exactly the same thing the previous year. But this year "Saturn is giving you a chance for your star sign to excel if only you'd give it a go and not procrastinate". It's amazing to think that these enormous gaseous heavenly bodies are swirling about in the gravitational field of the sun just for the benefit of my enormous gaseous body .... and the 5.2 million other people in my star sign in this country alone. It's all bollocks I know that this may come as somewhat of a surprise to some of you but it's as useless as religion in giving answers to life's complexities. Stand up on your own two feet, lead a good life and try not to hurt other people and you can't go wrong. It's quite interesting to see that the horriblescopes all say roughly the same thing, "you will have the chance to succeed but only if you do that vague thing, you know the one you were thinking of doing but never quite had the courage to do? Well, do it and see yourself soar into the sky triumphantly". Unless of course you do it and fail in which case it'll be "that wasn't the thing you were meant to do it was the other 'thing'. Mercury has other plans for Aquairians." etc. My philosophy is that life is preordained and when you think you are swimming against the current you're not you are still caught in the flow. Life is chaotic and can take sudden turns, "the best laid plans of mice and men"...etc. I don't believe that anything is meant to happen for a reason shit just happens. But I do believe it's only because we look for meaning in life when there isn't any apart from the the fact that we can only rely on ourselves for all that we need to survive and get through it. This is probably why I never have taken anything too seriously, because it isn't.
In a weird dream the other day I was walking from Bournemouth to Brighton, for some reason. Now there's no real reason why I would... unless it is for a woman, but neither of the three beautiful women that I know live in Brighton would be interested so that's that. Bournemouth for those of you who don't know is quite a distance to drive let alone walk. This is probably why halfway through the dream I decided that is was folly to carry on and would only result in disappointment and went to a train station when I had reached halfway somewhere on the other side of the Solent to buy a ticket back to Bournemouth via London and was exasperated to find that it was £80 one way. I dunno what the meaning of all that was but there you go. Maybe I should stop eating chocolate before bedtime?

Anyway the music links are in the comments. I've posted some Don Drummond, Lee Perry and The Kinks. All albums I like hope you do too.

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Mike said...

http://rapidshare.com/files/200141234/TK_-_SEBTK.rar The Kinks - Something Else By The Kinks
http://rapidshare.com/files/200147317/L_S_P_-_SA.rar Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Super Ape
http://rapidshare.com/files/200156933/DD_-_JSA.rar Don Drummond - Jazz Ska Attack