23 Feb 2009

"Here we all are sittin' in a rainbow
Gor blimey hello Mrs. Jones
How's old Bert's lumbago?
(He mustn't grumble)

(Tweedle dee bite)

I'll sing you a song with no words and no tune

(Tweedle dee bite)

To sing in the khazi while you suss out the moon - oh yeah"

Well I don't know what that was all about. I have been having really weird dreams lately. This one in particular more than normal. There I was in the film 'Waterloo road' which I haven't seen for years. I was in black and white as well. Me and John Mills were going up the road to this pub where they had his 'D-Day special' chicken (?) and he wanted to pay his final nine pence towards it. The bar maid went away and then came back to say "Sorry deary it's not here" To which I replied "I bet that cunt Grainger's got it." At which point Stewart Grainger comes out from the back of the bar from behind a curtain in a doorway jumps at me across the bar and I grab him by the belt buckle and the collar and threw him across the room to a table whereupon he lay upside down and dazed, then there was some other crap about the Italian army carrying these exaggerated machine guns and ammo boxes which were huge and made them look like those Warhammer figures that sad people in the Bournemouth shop play. The Italians were in colour for some reason then sadly my alarm came on and I woke up listening to the partially annoying Shaun Keaveny, still at least he's not the really annoying people on Radio 1. Some woman came in the shop the other day asking for a 'Wind up radio' I said "it's any of them that receive Chris Moyles Surely?" She didn't seem to understand. I also met my Gran and Grandad in a dream the other night in their old house up the road from here. I was so excited to see them and I was amazed to be able to feel the corduroy material of my Grandad's sleeve saying "ooh I can feel corduroy" I could see that my Gran seemed annoyed as I was too excited to listen to what they had to convey to me in the dream. I know I go on a lot about my dreams lately but they tend to be more interesting than the tediousness of day to day real life. The thing is we in our little electronic emporium are bored with the crap of day to day life within the company and tend to make our own amusement. With the merchandisers, decorators and builders all having made a slightly better sow's ear out of the silk purse it was we have very little to do lately other than serve the people who come in to the place. Most of the time we tend to spend staring out of the window at the plentiful amount of good looking women that go past. We tend to share I.E. "you have to blonde I'll have the brunette" that sort of thing. Well, it's better in one way than what we used to do. That was to send water rockets down the stairwell nearly decapitating ex members of staff and hitting aerosol air fresheners with hammers thereby turning them into lavender fragranced exocet missiles, (mentioning no ex members of staff called Ben Dawson lately of Guildford). I suppose it keeps us all of the streets and in our lovely grey and puss green shop. I can honestly say that if there was another job I would be off quicker than the air freshener rocket, which was fast, I hardly had time to dodge out the way as I was laughing so much. Anyway enough nostalgia for better times here's the music. Links are as ever in the comments.

Tonight's posts are Prince Buster - The Outlaw, The Smiths - Louder than Bombs and finally The Clash - London Calling/Vanilla Tapes/The Last Testament (The Making Of London Calling)DVD. Enjoy!

19 Feb 2009

"Just a-walking in the sunshine,
Try to keep from going under,
I think I`ll drink a little red wine,
Ain`t no use to sit and wonder."

You know it's no wonder I get annoyed with things in life. There I was under the impression that I'd won a competition in T3 magazine for a 32" LCD, PS3 and a copy of Mirror's edge. I entered via text which is not something I usually do. I received a text back saying "congratulations you're a winner why not celebrate your genius by visiting T3.com" Ooh I thought I could do with a new telly and the PS3 could be a great Chrimbo present for someone later in the year.... or just a spare for me in case I break mine again. I waited for the requisite 28 days like it said in the rules, then I hadn't heard anything by two weeks after so I contacted the editor, he passed me onto the assistant Editor who in turn passed me onto the Competitions person. She said she'd look into it. 24 hours later I got three emails from each member of staff saying unfortunately the text system is a "bit archaic and occasionally there is a glitch in the system & sorry you haven't won". Oh that's nice I thought here's me with a message saying "congrats you've won" only to be told that I hadn't. They wished me good luck in any future competitions. Which was nice, unfortunately there won't be anymore competitions as after nearly ten years or so of being an avid reader I am not buying the mag anymore. I suppose it just goes to show that you never get anything for free.
Still it has made me more determined to save up for myself and get a bigger TV than the won I lost in an 'Al Gore' type way. If I may be allowed to slip into the vernacular? Bollocks to 'T3' magazine and any competition the second rate mag may run in the future, scousers will have the Sun newspaper in their houses before I buy another copy.... and breath. That off my chest I can rest easy with my cup of tea, wagon wheel and copy of Stuff magazine. A far superior gadget and technology magazine. My PS3 will be graced by a big LCD tv later this year. After I buy an iPod.

Anyway here's the music The Small Faces - The Ultimate Collection, Various Artists - All Things '60's Mod, finally Bauhaus - Singles 1979 -1983. Enjoy.

3 Feb 2009

"A healthy depression fuels the aggression,
I can’t stand the suspense so I’m hitting the floor,
An all round slump is tempting my pump to
Spray a little lead through a plate glass door."

As Dr Strange from Marvel comics might say "By the enchanted soiled under crackers of Ummammu the portents are cloudy ...at best." At the start of the year I read as many of my horriblescopes as I could, you know those ones? They all start off telling you how "indecisive you were the previous year but how you have it within you to fulfil your hearts desire if only you'd try, Uranus is in the ascendancy" etc... Only you swear that you read exactly the same thing the previous year. But this year "Saturn is giving you a chance for your star sign to excel if only you'd give it a go and not procrastinate". It's amazing to think that these enormous gaseous heavenly bodies are swirling about in the gravitational field of the sun just for the benefit of my enormous gaseous body .... and the 5.2 million other people in my star sign in this country alone. It's all bollocks I know that this may come as somewhat of a surprise to some of you but it's as useless as religion in giving answers to life's complexities. Stand up on your own two feet, lead a good life and try not to hurt other people and you can't go wrong. It's quite interesting to see that the horriblescopes all say roughly the same thing, "you will have the chance to succeed but only if you do that vague thing, you know the one you were thinking of doing but never quite had the courage to do? Well, do it and see yourself soar into the sky triumphantly". Unless of course you do it and fail in which case it'll be "that wasn't the thing you were meant to do it was the other 'thing'. Mercury has other plans for Aquairians." etc. My philosophy is that life is preordained and when you think you are swimming against the current you're not you are still caught in the flow. Life is chaotic and can take sudden turns, "the best laid plans of mice and men"...etc. I don't believe that anything is meant to happen for a reason shit just happens. But I do believe it's only because we look for meaning in life when there isn't any apart from the the fact that we can only rely on ourselves for all that we need to survive and get through it. This is probably why I never have taken anything too seriously, because it isn't.
In a weird dream the other day I was walking from Bournemouth to Brighton, for some reason. Now there's no real reason why I would... unless it is for a woman, but neither of the three beautiful women that I know live in Brighton would be interested so that's that. Bournemouth for those of you who don't know is quite a distance to drive let alone walk. This is probably why halfway through the dream I decided that is was folly to carry on and would only result in disappointment and went to a train station when I had reached halfway somewhere on the other side of the Solent to buy a ticket back to Bournemouth via London and was exasperated to find that it was £80 one way. I dunno what the meaning of all that was but there you go. Maybe I should stop eating chocolate before bedtime?

Anyway the music links are in the comments. I've posted some Don Drummond, Lee Perry and The Kinks. All albums I like hope you do too.