7 Jan 2009

"Why deny that the lie that is sent
Makes you live work and die for some rent
If you're happy then to leave it up to them
The only road you'll know's that hard road my friend"

I was going to use the headline "Stop dreaming of the quiet life, it's the one we'll never know" But I've used it before and I'm in a 'Liberty of Norton Folgate' frame of mind still. Besides which I like dreaming of a quiet life as it's what keeps me going. I can see myself in the picture above with the most beautiful brunette in the world laying out on the upper deck with most of my crew having jumped over board to escape my sea related impressions (Long John Silver and Captain Bligh) around about 3,000 miles previously. I know that this may well never happen no matter how many Lottery tickets I buy. I will still have to trudge up the hill to work on freezing cold mornings stopping only to snap dogs from lampposts. I have however had enough of idiotic customers and possibly going to be punched in the face area manager. I probably won't do it though as I need to pay the Abbey Nazional to clear my old account with them and would quite like to not have a police record (other than Zenyatta Mondatta). Although I get quite angry I would like to point out that I haven't raised my hands to anyone since 1989 or 90 when I was in the Army, I can't even remember his name or rank let alone what he did to rile me but I do remember him as 'horse head' as he had a head that was quite long. Since then I have had better things to do with my hands but sadly lately not fumbling with the bits of a lady as often as I'd been happy with. Unlike Tom Robinson I'm glad not to be gay I mean let's face what would be the point of being a homosexualist when women have got all the best bits? Except those women in my shop the other day that is. It was as if someone had left the side of the telly off and the Jeremy Kyle show had fallen out. Not nice. To be honest today was one of those "I wish I was still in the Army shooting things" days or maybe I just wish I still had a gun? Then I'd probably shoot many of the customers and be arrested for wasting rounds. Although I would be okay with blatting one off into the area manager, (Not as filthy as it sounds). Still, I will try to keep my job as it's my ambition to try and save a grand or more by the end of the year, hopefully more. Especially if I can stay away from Amazon and ebay et al. By the time I'm 149 I should have enough saved for the yacht in the picture but alas I'll probably not get the brunette. She's far too intelligent for that.
Anyway here's the music you'll have trudged through that wittering old bollocks for. Firstly I've upped Madness - Camden Cowboys bootleg vinyl rip.
Then I've done Dance Crasher a trojan compilation of note from the late eighties that remember well on long hot summer drunken nights etc....
And lastly I've given you Street Corner a ska compilation from the late nineties that I remember well on those long hot sober nights etc....
Bye for now Upsetter fans.


Anonymous said...

Read your post twice...and I'm not mentioned once...is my popularity waning as a figure of fun (not to be confused with 'a finger of fudge') ????

The Landlord

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