2 Jan 2009

"Cos in the Liberty of Norton Folgate
Walking wild and free, in your second hand coat,
Happy just to float
In this little piece of liberty
You’re a part of everything you see"

Well here we are at last ...2009 ... the future. Mind you it doesn't look very futuristic does it? Where's my flying car? Where's my robot and spaceship? Weren't we supposed to be living on the moon by now? And eating food pills? The past lied to us just to keep us going. MInd you would we have continued to live our lives the way we have if in the past a presenter came on to Tomorrow's World and said "Basically people we're fucked."? Who could have foresaw that we'd be up to our necks in the proverbial shit? Terrorism, fiscal downturns that make banker's wall charts look like roller coaster blueprints, unpopular wars, suffering on a huge scale the world over, national and international companies crapping themselves over whether or not there will be a tomorrow for them. I tell you we'll be moving towards soup kitchens next and scenes reminiscent of the dustbowl America in the '30's. But hey let's look for the brightside shall we? After all there are many more things to put us in an early grave so don't worry about anything. If I've learnt anything over these last few years is that things always seem worse before the dawn. And stuff always seems worse if that's all you think about.
If any of you haven't bought the new Madness albumumumum yet I urge you to do so as I can't stop playing it, as you may well tell from my Last.fm profile. At last they have produced an album that I believe to show the potential they were always capable of but always fell short of (since their reforming that is). It's what I was doing New Year's eve, I had been invited out to a party but I would have been the oldest one there by about twenty years and didn't feel like standing around watching a load of kids get drunk. I had my mp3 player on with my PSP in my hand battling the Nazis (again) who says men can't multi task? Still, I had to drown out the fireworks anyway and the drunks wandering around in the freezing night air wearing only a t shirts, jeans and beer jacket shouting "Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhappppeeeeeee nooyeeeeeaahhhh" etc. Go away I don't care. All the passage of time does is depress me so I try not to think about it. I suppose I'd be more inclined to celebrate things if I was with a woman but I've given up on that front now. Onwards into my dotage ploughing a single furrow through life!!! It would have been nice to have the 2.4 etc but life isn't blue printed the same for everyone sadly. As I told the Christian at work the other day "If god wants me for a sunbeam he'll give the incredibly beautiful girlfriend and British touring car driving career I want or it'll mean he isn't that bothered about me being a god botherer." I even gave a list of names. We'll see.
Anyway here's the music, firstly there's the new Madness album just to make you go and buy it as I think the box set is worth it especially if you read the list of extras you'll get with it.
Secondly I've uploaded Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Apples as I don't see that one posted that often if at all.
Then lastly I've given you The Style Council - Confessions of a Pop Group.



SERENITY2167 said...

Reasons to be cheerful, may be a bit thin, but, we of a certain age, have seen this, & worse, all before.
Keep up the good work.

Mike said...

A certain age maybe, an uncertain mind perhaps and I will keep up the good work if I ever find out what it is. ;)

U.N.C.L.E. said...

Hello Mike.
Yes the new Madness album is certainly 'reasons to be cheerful'.
A definite purchase, making sure the success of this album spills into a worldwide tour (I'm in Australia and haven't seen the boys since '82).
Keep up the terrific site as I have been a frequent visitor for some time (as you have reciprocated when visiting mine). And I see you around the traps elsewhere too!
Regards Illya (uncle, manfromuncle)

Mike said...

Well with 875 downloads of it already I'm sure it's going to be a big one (ooer missus etc). The box set seems to be better and better everytime I get to hear about it. The track listing for the extras disk is a biggy too. To all those who haven't yet bought it, buy it if you want a great album.