8 Jan 2009

"But in weather like this,
you should wear a coat, a nice warm hat

A needle and thread the hand stitches of time

Battling Levinsky versus Jackie Burk
Bobbing and weaving, an invisible line"

I remember that several years ago when I lived with the Scots couple that being as they liked 'a wee dram' (or several) of the product from the 'auld country' that If I heard those naughty sweary words that the big kids use, then it was time to put the headphones on and thwack up the music. Just lately though if I hear those grown up words it's usually complimented by the sound of an AR-16 automatic rifle. Both the gunfire and colourful language come from my mate downstairs this is because he's playing Left 4 Dead on his Xbox360. I tell you for a hippy of 'some' years behind the (raffia work) belt, he isn't half violent. The other day I came home from working in the hectic paced world of electronicalist retailary when he suddenly reminded me of the bit from Platoon when Charlie Sheen's easy going character suddenly loses it and shoots at the mentally challenged Vietnamese kids feet shouting "Dance Mother fucker DANCE!!!!" Whatever happened to peace, love and understanding? as Elvis Costello once sung. I didn't think that Tony Blair and Dubya pissed him off quite that much that he has to take it out on the pixelated undead? Mind you it is quite funny to find the walls of the hospital level splashed with blood and decapitated body parts and a panting landlord as he'd held his breath for the length of the onslaught and emptied several hundred rounds into the fracas. Mind you he's pretty much the same when playing Fifa 09 although he is getting better I'm the one who has problems with the offside decisions. Although strangley whilst playing 'runny shooty' type games I'm quite the opposite I'm all calm and collected and then whilst playing some kind of platform game I'll swear like a sailor with Tourettes' syndrome who has just stubbed his toe whilst barefoot. I don't know what that says about me? But then again who cares? They are just games and so long as I don't go around calmly shooting people in the street it doesn't really matter. Although there have been some close calls...
Anyway onto the music firstly I've uploaded Big Audio Dynamite 2 - The Globe which is quite a rarity
Then I've uploaded The Who Sings - My Generation (Special Edition) for your pleasure
Finally I've found all the Madness - Wonderful B Sides and Rarities as opposed to just the bootleg covers that were posted on another blog (they are included)


The Scribe of Rotten Hill said...

In case you're interested I wrote an article on the making of BAD II's The Globe here.

jason fenimore said...

Hello from Maine,USA. I'm a fan of John Peel and in a round-about-way found your site. (I work in a library and just read Margrave of the Marshes--and just ordered: Olivetti Chronicles--looking forward to that)I just started reading your site from 2005 (um, how's the job going?) and am slowly working my way north. It's really cool of you to post all your music/videos--anyway, just wanted to say cheers and I gotta go back to work now....

Mike said...

Hello to Maine, USA. I'm glad to be of service. I hope to post soon and may add some Peel shows to the mix just for you. The new job is fine and has it's moments as they all do I suppose. Read on it becomes like a sitcom/unfunny drama from 2005 onwards depending on your perspective. :) Thanks for the kind words.