10 Dec 2008

"Each day just goes so fast
I turn around - it's past
You don't get time to hang a sign on me
Love me while you can
Before I'm a dead old man"

Buy Liberty of Norton Folgate

I must say that the release of the new Madness album 'The Liberty of Norton Folgate' coincided with my pay day and as a result ended up with me clicking on the above link to purchase of the said product. It's a bit Kinks, a smidge Beatles,a tad Victorian music hall, a hell of a lot Madness with a smattering of Sir Ian of Dury. Which lets face it is no bad thing. The Liberty of Norton Folgate track itself is a track about London life (as are they all) and reflects that in the way it like the city, changes pace every now and then without warning, is large and very busy. I must say that I have enjoyed it on first listen much more than I did with Wonderful and certainly made it through without turning it off as I did with the Dangermouse sessions vol 1. or whatever it was called. At last the good ship Madness has found it's way again. On top of everything else you get the cd version, vinyl version, badge and some other collectible gubbings for your money, the record company Nazis are always moaning about interweb piracy and I've always believed that people want a solid object in thier hands (ooer) and have very little regard for electrons purchased over the interweb so I'm glad they have done this boxset with all three formats for the money. I'm just waiting to see what the 30th anniversary of the band produces. Note to self, don't think about all the time passed since you first heard Madness you know the passing of time makes you morose. None of which was what I set out to write. Flicks through note book to find out what it was that I wanted to wibble on about.
Ooh another thing which was wierd.. now let's see if I can get this right as everytime I try it just ends up confused and doesn't sound right but lends weight to my theory that life is preordained or maybe I'm just pshycic somewhat. Some years ago I had a dream ages before I worked in a shop. I dreamt I was stood in a darkened shop that sold electronic and electrical objects and was looking at a new phone going "oh it's got an fm radio on it" which at the time I had the dream seemed obsurd but, lo and behold the other day I was standing in my darkened shop that sold electronic and electrical objects looking at my new phone going "ooh it's got an fm radio on it" which kind of made me go "oooh spooky". I quite often get deja vu from stuff I dreamt about which means that maybe I'll get to have sex someday soon, meet the blokes from Top Gear and go out with Winona Ryder. There's always hope I suppose. Also looking forward to the day I win the lottery which has happened several times in the past in my dreams at least. And still that wasn't what I was going to say. Anyway enough inane wittering old bollocks. Enjoy the Christmas period and here's my contribution to you all. Only three posts I'm afraid I did plan more but you know shit happens, but hopefully you'll like them anyway. Big Audio Dynamite's greatest hits on video for you enjoy.
Bad 1
Bad 2
Bad 3
Bad 4
Bad 5
Then I've posted The Smiths - Hatful of Hollow.
And finally Phil Spector's - A Christmas Gift For You.
Merry Christmas


Jim said...

Don't accidentally run over Winona in a car, while having sex with the blokes from Top Gear. That would be awful.

Mike said...

Eep, now there's a mental image I didn't want on Christmas morning.

Jim said...

Haha, sorry :D
Thanks again for you-know-what over at SFRP too.

Marco Crupi said...

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The Bogus Man said...

The best gig I ever went to? The second date of the original Two Tone Tour at Brighton Top Rank. The Specials, Madness and Selecter. total enjoyment from first note to last.

Went on to see Madness another seven times. Six of those times, they were brilliant. The seventh (around the time of "Rise And Fall") they were clearly just going through the motions. We walked out half way through.

"Divine Madness" is still the second best "Greatest Hits" albums (The Beatles' "1" edges it on that) but I'd pretty much given them up as a lost cause. Their reunion failed to excite.

But ... I then have a listen to "Norton Folgate" for no other reason than mild curiosity. And I love it! Absolutely love it!

Madness have discovered their joie de vivre. And the World is a better place for that!

Thanks for the post

Mike said...

All I need to do is find my joie de vivre and all will be well. ;)