1 Dec 2008

"Dear Prudence, won't you come out to play
Dear Prudence, greet the brand new day

The sun is up, the sky is blue

It's beautiful and so are you

Dear Prudence won't you come out to play"
I see that Pirates had recently taken over an oil tanker off the coast of Somalia, I expect there to be a glut of cheap knock off oil tankers on the market soon as all they needed was an original for all the poor exploited workers in a back room somewhere to make facsimiles from. Still, if you need a cheap oil tanker no questions asked...
I'm trying to figure out why I'm skint lately and I try to discern why I've spent so much money on the baby Jesus' birthday when I'm a godless atheist (according to sources). Maybe if I'd been a bit more selfish and less selfless I'd have been able to go and get that reaaallllly big telly in the front of Curry's for my PS3. 42" should suffice I'd say. Maybe then I wouldn't have to squint at the blu-ray movies (they don't look good on a CRT). Anyway the Chrimbo period is upon us well and truly at work whereupon we stay open until eight PM. This is all well and good but no one is in the high street at that time of night especially when all the other shops are shut except Subway and Tesco, apart from the homeless. It must cost the company money to stay open for the extra two hours whilst the takings stay the same as they were at the usual closing time of 6. Still what do I worry, I still get compliments regarding my work which just goes to show what would happen if I actually gave a crap. I think (nearly) 40 years of age is a bit too late to start applying myself to a career, so I won't. Underachiever and proud as Bart would say.
My new latin motto I've decided will be "Silens Tamen Mortifer" which apparently means "Silent but deadly" I offered this to the M.O.D for use as the motto for the Submarine arm but they politely refused. I thought it fitting but obviously not so I've adopted it, waste not want not. Speaking of foul odours can I ask that if anyone reads this and comes into the branch.. would they mind washing first? If I have to try and explain the finer points of a DivX capable dvd player whilst breathing out for five minutes at a time I will pass out or go mental(er).
There are two women at the moment that Iliked who recently came into my shop one a girl from the Subway over the road (sandwich shop not some homeless woman living in a subway) and the other a beautiful green eyed girl with dreadlocks neither
of who liked me (naturally). The Subway girl apparently fancies the Christian bloke at work. Maybe this is god saying "see what you get for being an athiest?" Maybe, but he doesn't believe in sex before marraige (until I showed him some photos), now he does. Still, that's the way the cookie crumbles (they do nice cookies in Subway) but I no longer go in there as I don't like the taste of the food as it's tainted by disappointment. Which is a flavour I am overly familiar with.

Still on that bright note here's the music. Firstly I've put up the Arkology box set from Lee Perry which I was chuffed to find again in my Data DVD mountain which has now been transfered to an enormous external hard drive (Amazon cheaper than my shop even with staff discount-Official) ... now where was I? Oh yeah, than I've uploaded Roxy Music's - For Your Pleasure which has been gracing my iTunes for a few weeks now having rediscovered it also languishing amongst millions of dvds. Lastly I've upped This Is Ska a compilation from around about 1989 which was played many a time in Simon's Ford Fiesta or Gavin's skip on wheels back in the day as we trundled noisily around the backwoods of Norfolk en route to some pub or other.

Is Worse
His Bite


This Is

I will not leave it too long before I post again as I've already written the next two and have a huge selection (I said "selection" wash your ears out) on my new hard (ooer) drive. And thanks if you've become a follower. Nice to have you along for the ride plenty more room on top, ding ding, move along the bus please.


mistaboins said...

yup im is.

A Dashing Blade said...

"the Arkology box set from Lee Perry" . . . you spoil us Sir!
Nice post, excellent blog, wish I could emulate your writing skills.

Mike said...

It's easy all you need is a crayon.