25 Nov 2008

"Shrinking in the sea so cold
Topless ladies look away
A he-man in a sudden shower
Shelters from the rain
You wish you had a motor boat
To pose around the harbour bar
And when the sun goes off to bed
You hook it up behind the car"
This week has been a bit fun in the shop as I threw out a couple of Big Issue sellers for being drunk and disorderly and swearing. They took it ... not exactly well. Still they ought to be glad I'm not the lottery winner I wish to be as I'd have bought my way onto the local council and used public funds to construct camps just outside major towns where upon the smelly buggers would be carted into cattle trucks and .... hang on a bit..... hmmm, slightly right wing there this may do two things. One, prove once and for all the truth about reincarnation and two, explain my penchant for wearing black shirts. I would like to be a despot though, not that I've thought about this ... a lot ... whilst bored at work... but.... I have a list of things I would bring in.
Trousers would be made out of the same stuff that cooker hood filters are that way we wouldn't be bothered by 'under leg smells'... just the noises. They could come in extra thick for the elderly so they don't smell of wee. Foreign people would come with subtitles so I could understand them better in the shop. Chavs would also be gassed in the camps, therefore McDonald's and Iceland would need to be subsidised by government. All women would be forced to be as attractive as the Girls Alouds ... apart from the ginger one, with the funny face, my god she's thin, and pale and has a funny face did I mention that? I did? Ok and she's a scouse... and with cruelty like that I prove there is no god. Anyway where was I? Hmm? Oh yeah my despotism, Any waistline over 38" would not exist, treadmills being compulsory on council estates. Cheese Doritos would still taste nice but no longer smell of Saturday morning shop doorway vomit. My landlord would be cured of the need to watch those movies where two naked ladies appear to be trying to blow each other up like beach inflatables.

On which note I upload some bootlegs by The Smiths. Firstly there's Unbroadcast Smiths, then Shoplifters From Manchester and lastly there's Old Grey Whistle test. Hope you like them and to those people who have made requests I'm searching for the items now.

11 Nov 2008

"The sun slips down bedding heavy behind
The front of your dress all shadowy lined
And the droning engine throbs in time
With your beating heart"
I'm currently suffering from playstation post dramatic stress disorder, sitting for hours and finishing Bad Company and then being most of the way through on Brothers In Arms:Hell's Highway will do that for you. I kind of get playstation combat flashbacks whilst shaving, I think I need to buy some light and fluffy games so that I can rejoin society... well that's what I told them at work but they still made me go. Damn them!!!! Anyway it could be worse I suppose I could be working for a long stretch without a day off ... goes off and checks rota ...damn them!!!!!
I've rejoined MySpace I don't know why as I've only got three friends on there ... well two excluding Tom. A bloke I know from the days of following local ska Leg-ends Bigshot to Cherbourg & a bloke whom I used to work with from Wilkinson's who is kind of a shorter version of Kelly from the Stereophonics sort of a Lidl own brand lookalike really. Anyway I was bored the other day at work (a given really) when Chris called up on the company computer system how much money I'd made for the company for the last year, £127,000, I asked for a raise they said no, so I asked for a cookie they remained steadfast.... I'm not a very good negotiator. Some of my merchandising ideas were taken up and some weren't. Products placed in the store wherever I suggested and proved successful so I put forward the idea of a theme day. Being bored with speak like a pirate day I suggested a speak like Samuel L Jackson day... they said no.
I find that lately I have to write everything down or I forget it, I recently threw out a wad of paper scraps about a centimetre thick because my notice board was becoming unstable. In some far off day any future archaeologists whilst digging up a landfill somewhere will say "well, we learnt nothing about ancient man except he really needed to buy an external hard drive next pay day"
Anyway here's some music for you, firstly I've upped The Wedding Present - Watusi and Take Fountain. Then I've put up the tape that gave birth to Indie music (apparently) C-86

2 Nov 2008

"There's a great crowd of tourists and they're coming down the street
Pleased as punch with brand new Doctor Marten's on their feet,
Past stalls with leather jackets, old bric-a-brac
Indian sunglasses or a Chinese bobble hat"
You know despite my walking at least five miles around London the other day I can see myself putting on a few pounds what with my addiction to both mint humbugs and my latest PS3 acquisitions of Bad Company and Brothers in Arms:Hell's Highway. As the headline would suggest I went and bought some DM's in Camden town from what used to be A.H. Holts (of Madness video fame). The British Boot Company (link) They are getting their own back the boots are because I have yet to break them in. I wish I'd soaked them in polish for a while first but I guess I'm just getting lazy in my old age? I mean I haven't even bulled the toe caps yet as I used to. It was nice to get away from work for a bit (three weeks) but it has made it a bit of a grind to get back into the swing of things. I am in demand though as my old company rung me up to offer me a position but I had to turn it down as it was less hours and only temporary. Still, nice to be wanted and it just shows that I must have been a fairly half decent employee afterall. The more astute of you may have noticed the new blog layout, (please vote to let me know if you like it or not), this was totally by accident start with as I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing and pressed a different button, but it turned out well I think. Perhaps the brighter looking blog reflects my brighter looking outlook? Who can tell? Whilst in London I had to go to the Imperial War Museum, mind you I could have gone anywhere really just to stop myself spending money but it was the closest place that was free to get in and would hold my attention for the three hours required. Although it didn't stop me spending money for long though as I am the proud owner of four more Osprey military history reference books. I had to physically drag myself away from the dvd section (which is quite hard to do) before I bought anything else... luckily they have an online shop. Work has been kind of hard to get back into as I said but it'll be back to being just plain old bored as soon as is feasibly possible. In the mean time here's some music for you. I recently watched the 'Ashes to ashes' series on my PS3 after I downloaded them all out of curiosity. I must say I've enjoyed it more than 'Life on Mars' possibly because of the music is better, possibly because I'm more of an eighties man than a seventies man (Drakkor Noir rather than Hai Karate), Possibly because I like the Audi Quattro even more than I did the Ford Cortina but more than likely it's to do with Keeley Hawes who... excuse me a moment.... Mmmmmmm Keeley Hawes, sorry about that, who is a fine actress. Anyway here's the music from the series. Sony BMG only put out the 25 track CD so I went and found the rest of them from the series (full list in comments) I even paid for some of them on iTunes, in the words of Charles Brown "Good grief!" Also I've uploaded Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine Straw Donkeys (The Best Of). Followed by The John Peel Show from 1986 with the Housemartins in session although they were billed as the 'Fish City Five' As soon as I find the tracks as individuals I'll post those too.
On Peel (New Link 08/11/08)


Enjoy & let me know if you like the new layout. Right, Im off to drown out the sounds of explosions from Guy Fawkes' night by playing Brothers in Arms:Hell's Highway on the PS3. :)