12 Oct 2008

"The windows are open wide
Georgie Fame for those outside
And answering the call

Blue flames leap up the wall
Who would have thought it strange

That all of us would change"

There are many things that I've done during my holiday. I've caught up on a lot of movies, books and done a hell a lot of gaming, mainly playing Bad Company Demo it has to be said. But you can't say that sneaking around the objective to find the Russian artillery target finding device to use on wiping out a single soldier isn't fun. I've finally organised most of my albums into some sort of order and even put them into folders and sorted out iTunes to show album covers. I wrote a few bits too and as promised posted a bit more frequently on here. True I could have had a more productive time and maybe gone out and about a bit more if I'd had the money to do so but hey the lottery gods have yet to smile on me. I've also kicked Abbey Nazional into touch and joined, for better or worse, Lloyds TSB, all have to do now is finish wiping out my overdraft with the Nazi fuckers at the Abbey bank. It's a pity the artillery device from Bad Coy. doesn't work in real life or I'd be half way up Winton high street pointing it at their direction. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if it wasn't for them I'd have been debt free for an extra two and a half years ooh they make my blood boil not withstanding the fact that I'd recently nearly got sacked because of them. It's a pity that I didn't get the reimbursed bank charges just to rub their noses in it but there you go. As my landlord says I'd "only waste it on beer and Batman comics". Well the stuff I'd waste it on has changed a bit but the sentiment's correct. Let's just hope I come back from London on the 24th with the rent money ;)

Anyway here's the stuff you really came for rather than just to read my blatherings I've uploaded a recent ebay find of mine which I ripped to AVI for you. The Longest Day colourised version, enjoy. Also we've got Future Sound Of London - Environments 2 which is nice and restful, then we have Big Audio Dynamite live at the Brixton Academy from November 1986. Followed by UB40's Signing Off. See you next time.


Anonymous said...

some nice choices here so I say thank you.


Anonymous said...

This one visits for the blatherings, in the main, but I'll grab UB40 too this time.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What have you done? I can't read your blog any more?

Yellow on white - that's all wrong.


Mike said...

Hello Me,
Changed it to black background is that better?

Anonymous said...


Yes the black background is much better. Thanks, I can read you again! And thanks for actually responding ...