22 Sep 2008

"hey girls, hey boys, superstar DJs, here we go"
Call me a doubting Mike if you like but as I was shaving the other day I wondered if Jesus (if he ever existed, which he didn't) had in fact pulled off the world's first documented (made up in the world's first piece of fiction) insurance scam? Think about it, man 'dies' on cross (although he didn't because it's all made up), several days later the suspect (who didn't exist) was seen having a slap up meal with his mates (which also didn't happen because they were all made up too). It happens all the time, I myself have conned the insurance, although I drew the line at being crucified. Mine was a little lower on the scale and would not have resulted in a best selling science fiction book like the bible. All I did was take out some home contents insurance on my crappy stuff, make one payment for £12 and claim for a new radio cassette player costing £85 because the old one "fell out of the back of the car when I moved house" (which it didn't because it was all made up). All of that did happen and Jesus was guilty too (or would have been had he existed which he didnt). I then cancelled the insurance policy once they had paid up. Maybe this credit crunch (which sounds like a banker's breakfast cereal to me) is all my fault having snowballed from my 1989 insurance scam? It's possible, I mean look what happened (which it didn't) 2,000 years ago... yes that's right shortly after 'god' created the world and everything in it (except the dinosaurs) creationists, jesus (made up person) tells a lie to get a free nosh up in the the local kosher McDonald's with hs posse and the lie just grew from there. It all just got out of hand... funny the things you think of whilst shaving isn't it?
Anyway enough sacrilegious hoo hah (which is fine because it's all made up anyway... did we cover that? Here's the music firstly, The Beat - You Just Can't Beat It (Best of) then Dead Can Dance by Dead Can Dance followed by Lee Perry's Panic In Babylon.
Beat 1
Beat 2
See You Next Time

11 Sep 2008

"This is the happy house-we're happy here in the happy house
oh it's such fun
We've come to play in the happy house and waste a day in the happy house-it never rains"

If I can just interrupt my ebaying of Madness records to say Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!! The douchebag in charge has been fired. Him and his ponytail have been ditched (finally) by the regional manager. So now we have a new air of freedom and we are making up for the lack of professionalism in the past few months. All I now have to do is resist the urge to get fired myself. Which is less and less likely thankfully due to the fact that our new boss is one I know from when I was being trained. The upside of the wanker being sacked is that I now have three weeks of October off paid holiday. This was due to the fact that previous incompetent pillock took so much time off that none of us could take any holiday. It'll be like being unemployed ... only better paid. Still at least I'll be able to do all my VHS conversions, my writing and loads of other stuff ... mind you I'll probably do none of these. I do want to go to London though providing I don't spend all of my money on Madness records that is. I only need a few more picture disks and then my credit card will be safe... until I find something else to collect. Christmas is coming and I don't think Santa considers me to have been naughty or nice so I'll decide for myself and get all the gadgets I want. Well it saves him a job and I look silly sat on his knee at 39.
In the past few weeks in Bournemouth we've had the UKIP and the Liberal Democrats in the B.I.C doing their utmost to considerably raise the temperature of the Earth with all the hot air they've been producing. I must say though that the UKIP lot even though they were all over seventy year old Nazis for the most part were a lot more chatty and friendlier than the Lib Dems. Ooooh what a bunch of miseries they are. I suppose it's because they know in their heart of hearts they know that no matter what they say they are never getting into power. Anyway here's the music for you. Careful as this one is so fresh it'll burn your hands so watch your fingers. I only converted it a couple of hours before posting this that's how fresh it is. Firstly we have Bad Manners' Gosh it's... which is a tape I meant to do ages ago and forgot, sorry then we have my recent 12" rips, of which there is a list in the comments as per usual.
12" 1
12" 2

Enjoy I'll try to broaden the musical spectrum for the next few posts, see you next time and please keep the comments coming. TTFN.